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Breakfast on the go!
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Backpacking across India this summer? With 600 Restaurants across the country, you will never be far from your favourite sub :)
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For those on the fly lunch meetings! #SubAtWork
Which side of the cookie divide do you stand?
Walking down memory lane, remember this? A sub and drink for Rs. 99*!
Eat right, stay colourful :) #HappyHoli
What will be the flavour of your weekend – veg or non-veg?
The pin has fallen in Bharuch, Gujarat as SUBWAY opened its 600th restaurant in India. Congratulations to the team!
Perfection is never achieved through quick-fix solutions. Building your sub from the bread up is an art we have perfected since 1965!
SUBWAY India takes pride in fostering an environment where equality at workplace has always been a given. It’s heartening to have franchisees like Nidhi Maheshwari - Mumbai, who help us to reflect our commitment with their action. #IWD2017
Too confused to order while vacationing in a strange land? SUBWAY’s familiar flavours are now serving in more than 100 countries :)
Here’s the behind the scenes action from the 'Sub of the Day' TVCs, that you all have loved, and 'liked'! :)

Making of Subway SOTD TVCs

Shoot & Packaged by UnCommonSense Films, New Delhi, India.

It was a double dribble of #SUBWAYIndia and United Basketball Alliance league at a high octane match in #Chennai on 24th February. Watch the highlights in the video below. #Basketball #Sports
Do you feel lucky? We do, as the 'Sub of the Day' gives us a choice of veg or non-veg sub on all days! #AbSubDoubleKhush
Morning run, followed by a healthy, delicious bite makes it all feel perfect! What is your post workout ritual?
Counter hottest February in a decade by hanging out with the coolest friends ever ;)
Where do you think the 600th SUBWAY restaurant will open? Is it in your city? Share the pictures with us and join in the #SUBWAY600 fun! :)
Everything but the bread! Turn any one of your favorite sandwiches into a salad to make this weekend brunch delicious, and healthy.
Where and when do you think the first SUBWAY restaurant opened in India? Share your favourite sub-memory with us as we sprint towards the milestone of 600 SUBWAY restaurants in India! :) #SUBWAY600