Subway UK & Ireland
02/25/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Chicken meet Italy. Italy meet Chicken. Have you tried our Chicken Pizziola Sub?
Subway UK & Ireland
02/23/2017 at 10:38. Facebook
Chicken meet Japan. Japan meet Chicken. Have you tried our Chicken Teriyaki Sub?
Get that sense of achievement when you discover something new.... What Sub will you try today?
Our delicious cookies. Could you stop at one?
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Here's a clue: it's the biggest sporting event of the year in America tonight. Any guesses?
Shake ya tail feather for the Year of the Rooster! #ChineseNewYear
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Chicken Teriyaki? Chicken Pizziola? Or Chicken & Chorizo Melt? Track one down today… #WorldChickenRange
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Explorers wanted. The #WorldChickenRange is here! Try one before they wander off...
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Because sometimes you need a little extra incentive… #fitnessgoals
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One more day to go… Better make it count!
And that's 2016 all wrapped up - Happy New Year everyone!
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Warmest greetings from all of us at SUBWAY® stores!