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Live a happier and more fulfilling life by getting back to basics and saving money in the process with these 7 ideas.

7 Ways to Save Money by Simplifying Your Life
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Gossiping, judging, and negativity are examples of conversations killers. Learn how you can speak more powerfully and purposely.

TED Talks: ‘How to Speak So That People Want to Listen’
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"Goal setting is a very important first step, but goal achievement is a continuous, lifelong process." — Jim Rohn

Rohn: These 5 Questions Will Define Where You’re Going in Life
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These days, a lot of companies expect their employees to regularly work more than 40 hours a week. But here's a radical suggestion: Just stop.

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The best work perk: Getting your evenings and weekends back
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5. Chase your dreams. Worst case scenario: you fail. No one is paying attention. Try again. Discover more success lessons from Scooter Braun.

9 Golden Lessons for Success From Scooter Braun
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2. Take perspective of the stressful situation. Focus on the positive; this simple strategy can help you keep things in perspective.

11 Strategies for Managing Stress
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“The great secret of life is to cultivate the ability to appreciate the things we have." — Coach John Wooden. Discover how Coach's lessons can help you have more gratitude.

John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed: ‘Be Thankful’
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Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to chase your dreams, through the good and the bad. Your success depends on it.

5 Toxic Personalities Successful People Avoid
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Those with self-confidence know that no matter the challenge, they’ll pull it off and succeed.

‘I Don’t Suck. I’m Just Too Hard on Myself’
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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to drive for Uber? Discover the lessons our contributor experienced.

7 Unexpected Lessons I Learned Driving for Uber
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Learn the importance of negotiation skills within your personal and professional relationships.

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Ep. 51: Negotiate Your Way Through Life
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Discomfort doesn’t lead to breakdown. It leads to breakthrough. Use these 6 ideas to change your mindset.

6 Mindset Shifts That Will Improve Your Life
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Confidence is a muscle; it’s something you need to practice to strengthen that muscle. Learn how to fine tune your negotiation skills.

How I Learned to (at Least Try to) Get My Way
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Successful women do not dream about being the best in their section or department. Their eyes are set on the best in the state or country, at least. Most want to change the world.

15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women
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Listen as our Editor-In-Chief, Josh Ellis, shares his thoughts on the March 2017 issue featuring Uber co-founder, Travis Kalanick!
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“It’s OK to have negative thoughts, but you need to be mindful of them and leverage them to benefit your behaviors.”

What I Learned From 30 Days of Positive Thinking
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Try exercising at least 20 minutes a day to start your journey to a happier you.

Why Exercise Makes Us Happy
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Starting in your 20s, your brain starts to wither—but you can change that. Here’s how to breathe your way to a healthier brain.

It Only Takes 5 Minutes a Day to Keep Your Brain Healthy