Sudeep Nagarkar
02/27/2017 at 07:39. Facebook
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/27/2017 at 05:38. Facebook
Thank you for all the love. ❤
Sudeep Nagarkar
yesterday at 14:47. Facebook
Hyderabad you made me feel so special...thanks for the multiple cakes. Hope you love reading All rights reserved for you!
Sudeep Nagarkar
yesterday at 05:36. Facebook
That day when my mobile is flooded with wishes. So much of love. Thank you so much. Love you all forever & hamesha.
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/25/2017 at 15:21. Facebook
Pre Birthday Bash!!
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/25/2017 at 12:20. Facebook
Silent love!! ✌
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/24/2017 at 15:15. Facebook
Remember the engagement chapter mentioned in All rights reserved for you?
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/24/2017 at 12:43. Facebook
True? ❤
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/23/2017 at 15:11. Facebook
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/23/2017 at 12:44. Facebook
Baby am addicted.
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/23/2017 at 07:42. Facebook
For Hyderabad readers: This Sunday, 26th Feb at 5:30 pm!! I will be in Hyderabad to talk about ‘All Rights Reserved For You' at Himalaya book world, Shop no A/B, road no 1, nagarjuna circle road, Punjagutta at 5:30 pm. No entry fees! Just walk in with your friends. I will not only interact with you all, but will click loads of selfies! ❤
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/23/2017 at 07:33. Facebook
Sudeep will be in Hyderabad to talk about his latest book 'All rights reserved for you'. Its an open event and no entry fees or passes required. Just walk in with your friends. Its even his Birthday!

Himalaya book world.
Shop no A/B, Road no 1,
Nagarjuna circle road,

26th Feb, 5:30 pm.

Sudeep will be in Hyderabad - 26th Feb, #Allrightsreservedforyou

Sudeep Nagarkar
02/22/2017 at 15:13. Facebook
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/22/2017 at 12:50. Facebook
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/21/2017 at 15:10. Facebook
That feeling...meeting after long time. ❤
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/21/2017 at 07:39. Facebook
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/20/2017 at 15:17. Facebook
I miss this hairstyle. It was fun.
Sudeep Nagarkar
02/20/2017 at 07:46. Facebook
Blend of 2 religions!!
Do you believe the same?