Mohand Hammadi
Ian Santillan
Matt Tamayo
#JusticeLeague in theaters November 17.
Suicide Squad 03/25/2017
David J. Cowhey Jr.
Joram Edrei Leon
Chad Shue
Happy birthday to our Captain Boomerang, Jai Courtney!
Happy birthday to our Captain Boomerang Jai Courtney
Dalton James Griffin
Matt Stone
Steven Cole
Congrats to Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini & Christopher Nelson. This marks the team’s first Academy Award. #Oscars #SuicideSquad
Congrats to Alessandro Bertolazzi Giorgio Gregorini Christopher Nelson This mark
Isaiah Koren Cruz
Michael Sacal
Benito Ricardo Fuentes
Congratulations to Margot Elise Robbie on winning the #PeoplesChoice Award for Favorite Action Movie Actress!
Congratulations to Margot Elise Robbie on winning the PeoplesChoice Award for Favorite
Michael S Murphy
Amanda Anthony
Daniel Renteria
Wicaksono Wibowo
Tyler Adams
Kita Bombach
On the final episode of #Squadtroductions, we meet the fearless leader of Task Force X and greatest soldier of the DC Universe: Rick Flag. #SuicideSquad
Wicaksono Wibowo
Wicaksono Wibowo
Angel Rodriguez
How much did you know about the film’s setting: Midway City? Watch the final #SquadSecrets video on the #DCAllAccess app now! #SuicideSquad
How much did you know about the films setting Midway City Watch
Bryan Ambrose Philander
Wicaksono Wibowo
Wicaksono Wibowo
Richard A. Valles
Wicaksono Wibowo
Wicaksono Wibowo
The holidays are approaching… Have you been naughty or nice? #SuicideSquad
Earl Gachan
Ramona Mähr
Gianno Lizzardi
On today’s episode of #Squadtroductions, we’re going to learn about the mastermind behind Task Force X: Amanda Waller. #SuicideSquad
Marci Smith
Agus Susanto
Wesley Carr
Witness #SuicideSquad Extended Cut on Blu-ray today!
Micheal Martin Savage
Douglas Lockwood
RJ Maurer
Bring the Squad home on Blu-ray tomorrow! #SuicideSquad
Brian Murphy
Russell Yap
Rekha T. Thakoor-Schultz
Your A.R.G.U.S. access level increased. You have been granted access to Katana's file. #SuicideSquad
Mario Yordanov
Michael S Murphy
Nathan Mayes
The wait is almost over. #SuicideSquad Extended Cut is available on Blu-ray in 3 days!
The wait is almost over SuicideSquad Extended Cut is available on Bluray
Diogo RS
Donnie Sky Walker
Jesse Hampton
Join forces with Big Red and Big Red Zero and follow along as a secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute high-risk black-ops missions in exchange for clemency in Suicide Squad

For a chance to win it on Digital HD copy, tag and tell us about your favorite DC Comics supervillain character!

You have until December 13th to participate. Official rules:...
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Suicide Squad 12/10/2016
Jean Pierre de Villiers
Darnell Brown
James Le Vay
Congratulations to #SuicideSquad on 5 Grammy nominations!
Congratulations to SuicideSquad on 5 Grammy nominations
Jarred Milliorn
Tay Peacock
Kevin Molina
He’s a soldier… He won’t cut and run when the shooting starts. #SuicideSquad
Wesley Carr
Owen O'Reilly
Mike Jackson
This prize is worth getting all fired up about! Enter now for a chance to win: [ Link ]
Suicide Squad 12/08/2016
Jay Richards
Charles McGrew
David Theriault
Captain Boomerang is nothing without his boomerangs… Or his unicorn. #SuicideSquad
Igor-Immanuel Maximilian Bruckhaus
Jen-Jen Elise
Matt Cotton