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Sun Valley, Idaho
yesterday at 21:03. Facebook
"Be warned: Should a storm roll in, you might be stranded. And that’s just another reason to head to Sun Valley." – Diablo Magazine

Read the story here: [ Sunval.ly Link ]
Sun Valley, Idaho
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Woke up like this.
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/16/2017 at 21:35. Facebook
"Some say it is surfing a roller coaster, some say like skateboarding a cobblestone sidewalk. We call it the Baldy Banked Slalom and to us it is pure and beautiful." – Mark Oliver (a look back at a past event) [ Sunval.ly Link ]

Register for 2017 here: [ Sunval.ly Link ]

Baldy Banked Slalom at Sun Valley - Soul of Snowboarding

Sun Valley, Idaho
01/16/2017 at 16:08. Facebook
The sun rises on a new week.

Photo: Flaviu Grumazescu Photography
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/14/2017 at 17:20. Facebook
With over 55 acres of gladed skiing on Baldy, there is no shortage of secret powder stashes. Find yours today.

Skier: Lexi DuPont Photo: Jon Mancuso Media
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/13/2017 at 19:01. Facebook
The jump line on Dollar Mountain is open for business!

Video: Idarado Media
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/13/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Back to bluebird days.

photo: Ray J. Gadd Photography
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/12/2017 at 22:11. Facebook
Moon rise over the Pioneers. Join us this Friday at the Sun Valley Clubhouse from 5:30 - 8:30 pm for the four-course Full Moon Dinner. $69 per person (tax & gratuity included). $15 special (includes ticket & rental) for nordic skiing or snowshoeing. Reservation Required. Call (208) 622-2919.
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/12/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
January 22nd is your chance to ski here in Sun Valley for only $40 thanks to "Ski for Air Service Day"!

*Must purchase tickets between Jan 11-21 from one of the participating vendors.

[ Bit.ly Link ]

Ski For Air Day

Sun Valley, Idaho
01/12/2017 at 14:19. Facebook
Can't help but smile listening to hoots and hollers echoing from the giddy powder fiends throughout the mountain this week. It has truly been one for the books.

skier: Cody Barnhill // photo: Ray J. Gadd Photography
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/12/2017 at 00:30. Facebook
And now, we après.
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/11/2017 at 20:56. Facebook
Free refills. All. Day. Long. Who's had a chance to play?

Photo | Tim Carter | Idarado Media
Sun Valley, Idaho
01/11/2017 at 15:16. Facebook
With 16" in 24 hours – no words needed today, just smiles!

Photo: Jon Mancuso Media Idarado Media
Our ski patrollers have been working tirelessly to open all sorts of terrain and taking care of those in need amidst this "snowmageddon". Fortunately, when their work is done, they get to have some fun too ;)

photo: Ray J. Gadd
If this photo was from yesterday and we received another 6" of cold smoke overnight then today will be ________________ (fill in the blank).

skier: Danny Walton // photo: Ray J. Gadd Photography
Last day to save on Alaska Airlines tickets from Portland to Sun Valley, Idaho! Fares as low as $89/each way!*

[ Bit.ly Link ]

Certain restrictions apply! See website for details. Sale ends today, 1/9/17!

Cheap airline tickets and special flight deals | Alaska Airlines

Don't flip out, more snow is on the way!

Photo: Avery Ardovino
We're calling it a Powder Day! 13.5” of new snow over the last 24 hours. 10” since 4 pm yesterday...get out there!

Photo: Idarado Media
Just in case you were wondering it's dumping snow on Baldy. Get some sleep because tomorrow's going to be awesome!
Stoked on these conditions and even more stoked with what Mother Nature has coming!

Photo: Avery Ardovino