Sunbites Grain Waves
03/17/2017 at 03:30. Facebook
There’s something new and tasty coming to your local Woolworths. Being in the biscuit aisle never felt so good!
We've heard that your little ones have been loving our new Sunbites Funbites! We're curious though, which flavour is their favourite? :)
Spotted any faces in your Sunbites popcorn this summer?
How do you enjoy your Grain Waves? Try it with guacamole and salsa and let us know what you think!
Funbites are a recess snack for kids big and small!
Our new Funbites are a snack your little one will love. Pop some into their lunchbox. There’s 3 flavours for them to choose from - Cheese, Pizza and Sour Cream and Chives!
Your little one will love our new back to school snack. Sunbites Funbites are available in Cheese, Pizza or Sour Cream and Chives in your local Woolworths supermarket now!
Our new Sunbites Funbites will give your little one something to look forward to now that they’re back at school. Let us know when you see them in store!
Movie night + Grainwaves = a perfect Saturday night. Tell us your favourite family movie night recommendation! :)
Which Grain Waves flavour will you be enjoying on the beach this Summer? Tell us with a comment or with the right reaction!
What would you do if Karma Karen rewarded you for a good deed with a bag of Sunbites to you face? Tell us with the correct reaction!
Hold the door! ...for Karma Karen of course. She’s back and ready to strike those who do good. #WavesOfGoodness
Merry Christmas and Happy Snacking! How will you celebrate Christmas? :)
We challenged SketchShe to a day of goodness using the power of dance! Here’s what happened :) #WavesOfGoodness
Karma Karen has an amazing heart but let’s be honest...terrible aim. Leave a <3 for Karma Karen?
SketchShe is dancing for good! We sent them to LA to spread the power of dance. #WavesOfGoodness
Sunbites Challenge #6: Be kind to yourself and have a snack! We wouldn’t have been able to spread #WavesofGoodness without you.

For this last challenge, we'll double down and give $2 to charity for every photo posted of you enjoying Grain Waves or simply leave a “like” to donate!

Sunbites will donate $2.00 AUD to Orange Sky Laundry for every like and photo shared in the comments below...
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Sunbites Challenge #5: Sometimes, all it takes is a friendly smile and 'hi!' to make someone feel included. Here are other simple things you can do:

- Start a conversation with someone at a party by asking how they know the host.

- Build a connection by asking someone about the last good movie they watched or book they read.

- Invite your quiet colleague to join you for a coffee.

Got more...
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WWAKPD - What Would A Kind Person Do? Test yourself with more situations in our Sunbites Kindness Survey!
[ Link ]
(y) - Like it and move on.
<3 - Love it and keep it.
- Laugh at someone's misfortune
:o - Bring it to the police
Sunbites Challenge #4 - Tip, compliment or leave a nice note for your fave barista!

How will you show appreciation to the person serving you this weekend? Tell us about it in the comments section below #WavesOfGoodness

Sunbites will donate $1.00 AUD to Orange Sky Laundry for every comment posted between 19/11/16 and 10/12/16. Limit one (1) post/donation per way you’ll show your appreciation...
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