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Poachers have stormed a rhino orphanage in South Africa, killing two 18-month-old rhinos for their horns.

Last year, Steve Pennells ventured to a sanctuary in Kenya, where the last three surviving northern white rhinos are being guarded from hunters. While hope seems to be fading, scientists have discovered that there’s still a chance the species could be saved.

The last of the northern white rhinos
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Police will knock on doors close to where Karen Ristevski's body was discovered in their search for answers.

Karen Ristevski's husband Borce 'number one suspect': lawyer
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Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins is known for his talent on the footy field and his sense of humour off the field.

But when his father was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer, the Aussie larrikin was determined to step up and build a future for his siblings.

Why the Honey Badger gave up his dream for dad
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Join Denham Hitchcock as he goes LIVE on Friday! Come behind the scenes as we prepare for our season premiere.

Tune into our #FacebookLive event from 11:30am this Friday.
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The Race to the Rock is a gruelling 2300km solo mountain bike ride from Adelaide to Uluru.

Melbourne fitness instructor Sarah Hammond was relatively new to mountain biking and the only female competitor in the event, but she took on the challenge and won.

Watch her story: [ Link ]
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Our season premiere is just four days away.

Brenda Lin, sole survivor of the horrific massacre that claimed the lives of her family, opens up to host Melissa Doyle in this Sunday Night exclusive.

Sunday 8:30pm after My Kitchen Rules.
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Three years ago, we lost the light that was Charlotte Dawson.

In this Sunday Night special episode, we look back on Charlotte's final interview, as she spoke of a new beginning from a villa in Bali. [ Link ]
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"What is blokey?"

André Rieu picked up a new Aussie slang word while giving Kerri-Anne Kennerley an exclusive look into his extravagant life.
Catch up on this interview with the talented star: [ Link ]
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BREAKING: Police confirm the human remains found at Mount Macedon yesterday are that of missing Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski.

Human remains were discovered at 12.30pm on Monday
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"Hug your loved ones. You never know."

Tributes are flowing online for five people who were killed in a plane crash near Essendon Airport in Melbourne.

‘Catastrophic’: Five dead in Victoria's 'worst plane crash for 30 years'
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"We all got the memo." Looks like it's double denim day in the office!

Only FIVE more days 'til we're back on air - who's ready?

#Repost from Steve Pennells
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Secret cameras captured the dramatic rescue of a 15-year-old girl from a Thai brothel in this flashback episode of Sunday Night.

Join Denham Hitchcock in this dramatic raid with the agents from Destiny Rescue: [ Link ]
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Hetty Verolme was imprisoned in Germany's Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as a 14 year old and protected those much younger than her after their parents were taken away.

Sunday Night was there for Hetty's emotional 70-year reunion with those children.

Watch this flashback episode: [ Link ]

"The minute you give up hope you would finish in two days."
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Victorian Police have warned the family of Karen Ristevski to prepare for the worst after a "badly decomposing" body was discovered on Monday afternoon.

Family of missing mum told to prepare for worst after 'badly decomposing' body found
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Angelina Jolie has given her first interview since her shocking split with Brad Pitt, describing the marriage break-up as a “very difficult time”.

“We are a family and we will always be a family,” she added.

Sunday Night looks back on the couple’s final interview together, where they talked life, marriage and supporting one another through thick and thin.

Watch: [ Link ]

Ange & Brad: The final interview
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The countdown is on - we are back THIS SUNDAY!
Melissa Doyle and the team have been hard at work preparing for our best season yet - stay tuned!

Sunday Night returns 8:30pm after My Kitchen Rules.
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Filmmaker John Davis and conservationist photographers Richard and Carolyn Green were killed in a helicopter crash in November 2015.

John's wife and daughter told Sunday Night that he died doing what he loved.

Watch this emotional Sunday Night flashback: [ Link ]
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Homicide detectives will investigate whether remains found in Victorian parkland could be that of Melbourne mother Karen Ristevski.

STORY: [ Link ]
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THIS SUNDAY: The major investigation into the Lin family massacre and our exclusive interview with sole survivor Brenda Lin.

The season premiere of Sunday Night begins 8:30pm after My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7.