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Thanks a lot for your participation in the previous post. Let’s see if you can guess this one.
YiPPee! Noodles are so long and non-sticky that Chachi can almost glide on it.
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Guess the movie!
Here goes the first question. Can you correctly identify this iconic movie which always makes us #YiPPee!Happy.
Comment with your answers below.
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We are celebrating #YiPPee!Happy week, join us in the celebration and guess these all time favorite Hindi movies.
Stay on this page and look for your first question!
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We are celebrating the #YiPPee!Happy week.
Celebrate this week by sharing your happiest moment while having YiPPee! with all of us and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

The winning entry will be featured on the page with a post dedicated to the best YiPPee! moment. Read the terms & condition for the contest here [ Link ].
Are you ready?
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Our favorite bowl of YiPPee! Makes us #YiPPee!Happy. We wish you a fun-filled International day of Happiness on this March 20th. #InternationalDayOfHappiness #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
YiPPee! Power-Up Atta Noodles is the perfect partner to fuel you up during a busy day. Agree?
In the #YiPPee!World families bond over YiPPee! family pack. When was the last time you had YiPPee! with your family? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
In the YiPPee!World, tricolor Pasta is the muse to great thoughts. How does Tricolor Pasta inspire you?
In the Taste Galaxy, the most happening planet is the #YiPPee!World. Tell us what would you do once you reach #YiPPee!World? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
Cook a delicious bowl of YiPPee! Noodles to say thank you to the perfect women in your life.
Happy International Women’s Day!
It is not easy to grab a bowl of YiPPee! in the #YiPPeeWorld. Solve the maze and tell us which path - 1,2,3 or 4 leads to the bowl. #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
With those extra long and non sticky noodles, experience the awesomeness of the #YiPPeeWorld. Tell us what would you like to do in the #YiPPeeWorld. #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
Introducing you to the #YiPPee!World - A wonderland full of awesome YiPPee! Yumminess. Ready to join the fun? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
Poshampa Bhai Poshampa. It was such a relief not to get caught.Did you ever get caught at the end? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles #PowerUp
Do you remember Vish-amrit?
#RePlay and feel like a super-villain by being the denner. #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles #PowerUp
We almost touched the chairs and ran in Musical chair. What was the funniest moment while playing this game? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles #PowerUp
Twist & turn the thread, make sure it’s tight, throw it hard on the ground and let it turn round & round. When was the last time you played with a lattoo? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles
#Replay and hop your way to school day memories. #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles #PowerUp
One of the best feelings was to see your boat afloat in a puddle. When was the last time you crafted a paper boat? #SunfeastYiPPee! #TheBetterNoodles