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I love flicking through my family photo album… it makes me so nostalgic.
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Woooaaaaah – science! Learn how to grow your very own crystal geode eggs with this tutorial from Sweet Paul Magazine: [ Link ]
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Creating funny food can sometimes make it easier to choose healthy food for breakfast! How cool are these funny food faces? Hehe
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I just love listening to my eggy beats! Chegg out my latest playlist on Spotify, "Sunny Smiles" >> [ Link ]

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02/13/2017 at 23:26. Facebook
Happy Valentine’s Day eggerybody! To share the love, I’ve made these cute e-cards… they’re really punny! Tag someone you love to let them know they’re a good egg.
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02/12/2017 at 21:15. Facebook
Some people say that I’m a crafty egg… because I love being creative! Whenever I decide to paint, I use recycled egg cartons as a paint palette for a mess-free clean up.
Valentine’s Day is only two sleeps away, so I thought I’d put together some eggstremely romantic ideas for breggfast in bed!
Did you know that eggs, like the sun, are a good source of vitamin D? The nutrient is in the yolk. Just another reason to choose delicious eggs for breggfast! ☀
Guys, I reckon my face could be a contender for the next note redesign! We could call it… Sunny money!!!
Can you spot an egg carton hiding amongst the plants? How clever! You can find the tutorial at the link below. All you’ll need is some paint, hot glue and of course a few recycled egg cartons!

[ Link ]
Congratulations to Fay who won my Valentine's Day poem competition!!! These lovely lines melt my yolky heart, I've shared her full poem in a comment below
Oh my eggosh, how yummy does this look? Eggocado is one of my favourite eggy combinations…
Birds of a feather don’t always flock together. Sometimes they like a bit of ‘me time’. That’s why our girls get SIX TIMES more space than the industry standard when they’re outside. Visit our website to see why Sunny Queen is different. [ Link ]
WIN a $100 Visa gift card! Nothing warms my yolky heart like a Valentine’s poem. Write me your own “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” poem with an eggy twist in the comments below for your chance to win!
Forget the fatty fry-up. Give breakfast a Mexican vibe with this healthy, sunshiny morning wrap: [ Link ]
Guys I think this is my best angle…
Wow, what a Summer Eggventure it’s been! I’m a little sad it’s all over, but I really enjoyed my last stop in Miami, Floreggda. Here’s my postcard to everyone back home!
My Summer Eggventure continues! Check out this great snap of me and Avo at Chicken Itza in Meggsico. It’s been great having a local guide here, Avo’s even invited me around for dinner with his family. Better find something nice to wear!
Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone, or Happy Chinese New Year! Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster? Cock a doodle doo!
I hope everyone had an eggsellent Australia Day yesterday! Congratulations to Cathy for winning my Australia Day competition! Thank you all for eggspressing what you love most about this country