Former reality TV star and new mom Zoe Hendrix has shared her pregnancy and life with a newborn on social media, so when she came down with a fever, she shared a photo of herself on Instagram.

New Mom Shares Photo With Baby On Instagram, Then They Notice She Has An Infection
Y'all better learn this before tailgate season starts back up!

Sexy New Country Line Dance Will Have You Kickin' Up The Dust
Many of us still remember the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that set off a chain reaction in Fukushima, Japan. But years later, one photographer ventured into this still-dangerous area to capture what was left behind.

Hundreds Of Cars Were Abandoned On The Highway In 2011 After The Tragic Fukushima Disaster
When Xia Vigor appeared onstage during an episode of "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids," the judges didn't know what to expect. But when she started singing Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me," their jaws dropped — and for good reason! What do you think of this performance?

Judges Gasp When Dancers Rip Off 7-Year-Old’s Costume In Middle Of Taylor Swift Cover On Live TV
Such a good song! This song was certified gold today 48 years ago!

Glen Campbell's Amazing Live Performance of 'Wichita Lineman' Will Take You Back
Officer Mike began working as a school resource officer, when he met a little boy they called "unadoptable." Then Mike discovered the remarkable truth about the student's past.

Cop Meets ‘Unadoptable’ Boy At School, Tells Wife He’s Bringing The Kid Home
This is absolutely incredible. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

They Look Like Ordinary Cement Steps — But When The Waves Roll In, They Create Haunting Music
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Donna worked as a waitress when she was 20 years old. At that time, she began dating a man who was in his 40s. Donna knew something was wrong when he coaxed her into doing cocaine, but like many people manipulated into abusive relationships, she stayed with him.

She Marries A Controlling Husband, Then He Leaves Her Face Disfigured
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