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Wagner was trained as a guard dog for security work. He retired a long time ago, but when intruders entered his owner’s garage, he had to fight for his own life.

Retired Guard Dog Is Stabbed By Burglars, Then Channels His Old Skills To Fight Them Off

It was 75 years ago today that Pearl Harbor was attacked. We will never forget.

Elvis Honors The Fallen During Tear-Jerking Pearl Harbor Concert

Around the holidays, everyone goes to visit their families. College students go home after finals, people take vacations from work to visit their parents and kids, and family gatherings are all the rage.

Single College Student Convinced His Parents He Had A Girlfriend With A Clever Holiday Card

This pet owner stumbled upon a star. Their green parrot’s cover of Sia’s "Chandelier" is not only funny, but actually pretty good.

Owner Catches Pet Bird On Camera Belting Out Hysterical Attempt At Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

A 911 dispatcher got a chilling phone call from a terrified mother. She told them she couldn’t take care of her twin babies and that she abandoned them in a truck. The only trouble was she didn’t say where.

Operator Gets Call From Mom Who Abandoned Twins, Then Cops Race To Find Them

Our world is full of good people, but unfortunately, there are some bad ones in the mix too. This 2014 episode of What Would You Do? shows, with actors, just how bad and good people can really be.

Camera Catches Rude Woman Verbally Assaulting Heavy Stranger On A Buffet Line

As humans, we have all kinds of ways of categorizing things, and we love doing it. If sorting, labeling, and organizing your whole house is something you like to do, then you get it.

What’s Your Blood Type? The Answer Could Reveal Fascinating Secrets About You!

Almost everyone has experienced the terrifying moment of realizing they’ve lost something important. Whether you forgot your wallet at a restaurant or left your phone at a movie theater, it always feels difficult to put your life back together after losing an important item.

Young Woman Loses Her License, Then Finds It With A Note A Year Later In Her Mailbox

Kristi has had it up to here with her 19-year-old daughter, Haley. The teenager swears up and down that she is eight-and-a-half months pregnant with baby Jesus.

Teen’s 6 Pregnancy Tests Are Negative, But She Says She’s Pregnant With Jesus