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Police have released an image of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood.

British police release image of Westminster terrorist attacker Khalid Masood

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Britain's Channel 4 News has backtracked on a report naming a known “hate-preacher” as the man behind an attack on parliament in London.

UK's Channel 4 News forced to backtrack on claims jailed ‘hate-preacher’ was behind London attack

RIP PC Keith Palmer, 48, the heroic officer, who sadly lost his life today, whilst saving others.
Stand down, your duty is done.
A Conservative MP tried to resuscitate the police officer who died from stab wounds during in the Westminster terrorist attack.

British politician tried in vain to save police officer stabbed in Westminster attack

The man who launched a terrorist attack on the UK Parliament has been named by Britain's Channel 4 News as British-born Abu Izzadeen, a known “hate-preacher” and a vocal supporter of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Izzadeen who was born Trevor Brooks in Hackney London, has been described as a hate-preacher after serving as a spokesman for the Al Ghurabaa group - an organization banned...
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RIP to those this scum have stolen from us!!!!
Image From RT UK
All other media blurring face or obstructing view, and describing him as an "Asian" pretty sure id describe him as an Arab male.....obvious assumption can be made following this
Armed Service personnel, their mental, emotional, housing and physical needs continue to be disregarded. They deserve commitment from central Govt.

Demand that the Military Covenant is honoured in the UK

Alleged assailant was shot by armed police following the incident, Commons Leader says.

Parliament shooting: Police officer 'stabbed' - BBC News