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These 5 apps help you, no matter where you are on your breast cancer journey.

These 5 Apps Will Change The Way You Approach Self Care

Jeff Dudan is CEO of a cleanup company. He went on "Undercover Boss" to find out what his employees are really like. Jeff met an Afghanistan veteran named Kyle who revealed a heartbreaking secret to him. When Jeff told Kyle his real identity, the veteran was shocked. Then came the unbelievable surprise. Most bosses would never do this.

Undercover Boss Discovers Worker Is A Vet, Then Sits Down To Reveal His Identity

The family’s young son had wandered off the road and into the woods. They recruited friends and neighbors for help finding him, but with the sun setting and the air getting chillier, they had to call upon the authorities and a 3-year-old Bavarian mountain dog for help.

Family Scrambles To Find Missing Son For 3 Hours, Then K-9 Finds His Shorts On The Ground

This plant was only supposed to last a few months, but it ended up lasting for over 19 years

Grieving widower waters late wife's plant everyday for 19 years since she passed

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