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This pup was born without hind legs, but that doesn't stop him from running to greet his owner!

Paralyzed pup hears soldier Dad returning home, can't wait to surprise him

Noah bought an old used desk from a woman on Craigslist, but when he and his wife removed the desk drawers, he noticed a plastic shopping bag hidden inside. When he looked closer, he was stunned.

Dad Buys Used Desk For $150 On Craigslist, Then He Finds A Hidden Bag Filled With Money Inside

Every day since Betty's death, Bud has visited the bench he bought and dedicated to his late wife. One day, Bud went to the park to "talk" to Betty and leave gifts for her like he usually did — only this time, he noticed there was something different about Betty's special bench...

Widower Visits Deceased Wife’s Bench To Find A Mysterious Stranger Made A Change Without Asking

Three college students bought a shabby old couch at Salvation Army for $20. Two months later, while watching a movie, they felt something strange in the cushions. As they started pulling out envelopes full of cash, they also found a name written on one them... and ended up unlocking a 30-year-old secret.

College Students Buy Smelly Old Couch For $20 And Accidentally Find A Widow’s Secret Fortune

Anyone who thinks animals don't have feelings or can't have strong emotions, like happiness or excitement, might want to see these farm animals celebrating in total joy!

Cows Freak Out After Seeing The Sky For The First Time In 6 Months

I'm not sure what this little woodpecker thinks it will find there but it sure is amusing!

Officer Can’t Get Woodpecker Off His Shoulder, So He Stands There And Gets Pecked

Jade was thrilled when her boyfriend surprised her with a brand new designer bag. The red Michael Kors tote was everything she wanted in a bag, and she immediately began using it every single day. But within weeks, Jade noticed something just wasn't right.

Young Mom Cries Out In Pain 6 Weeks After Her Boyfriend Surprises Her With This New Designer Bag