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When u ticklin its bum and slappin its face at the same time...
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Mad props
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"Là où les gros cons pétés de blé se la donnent sur des bateaux énormes, et qui pour le prix exorbitant qu’ils ont payé pensent qu’ils se sont aussi offerts le droit de te snaker la gueule du matin au soir". Mais pas que...

Officiel: Les 5 Pires Destinations pour un Surf Trip - Surf Europe
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Hitchin' a ride. Not only a great Sinitta track from 1990, but also a great way to get to the surf for free (ish)

Need A Ride To The Beach? | Better Hitchhiking In 7 Simple Steps - Surf Europe
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Fact: Tea makes you surf, talk, think and make love, better

How To: Make Tea Not War, And Make It Properly
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Surfing the world's longest left, on acid, you say?

50 Trips To Do Before You Die | Namibia - Surf Europe
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"The nearest nightclub is in Japan, the nearest sex that doesn’t involve marrying the person you’re having it with is in Manilla, and the nearest McDeath burger is in Honolulu"

Micronesia - Surf Europe
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W.A. stands for a) Wait Awhile... b) Waves Aplenty c) Wow Australia (is ok after all) d) all of the above

50 Trips To Do Before Yo Die: West Oz | Surf Europe
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Happy hump day!
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"Being eco doesn’t need to be a shrill anti-capitalist lament that the end is nigh, nor a sanctimonious, greenier than thou humblebrag. It can be fun, too"

7 Surfing Eco-Warriors You Should Know - Surf Europe
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Ryan Hipwood carried his board up the beach under arm, but had to use a wheelbarrow to transport his 'nads
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Fact: Rice makes you surf better, and knowing how to prepare it right makes you more attractive to the opposite sex

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Ever had an opium tea boner? Find out how to get one, here!

Morocco - 50 Trips To Do Before You Die | Surf Europe
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Yet more films about Iceland! No World Title for John John! Beautiful self-congratulatory vegan outed eating ortolan bunting on toast!

8 Shocking Surf World Predictions For The Year Ahead - Surf Europe
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“ 'I’m not gonna surf this afternoon, my wetsuit is still wet' is a perfectly acceptable thing to say when the waves are firing – on a camping trip to the Arctic island of Svalbard during a particularly cold snap. Otherwise, man the fcking fck up."

The Winter Wetsuit Rules - Surf Europe
Thinking of taking a surf trip? If the darkest depths of Hell are fully booked, why not try...

Exposed: The 5 Worst Places To Go on A Surf Trip Today - Surf Europe
“Rocking up on a frigid but firing day and realising you’ve forgotten your twat cap is like one of those dreams where you’re doing a naked poo on the High Street... that's how exposed you feel”

9/10 for the XCEL Infiniti Comp Hooded 4.5/3.5mm | Surf Europe