The podium-getters from this weekend's #NutriGrainFinals series at North Cronulla Beach.

What a fantastic weekend of racing!

Thank you to all involved.
Congratulations to Naomi Scott on her first place in the #NutriGrainFinals Ironwoman eliminator round.
Congratulations to Harriet Brown, who picked up the 2017 #NutriGrainFinals Ironwoman title!
See what Harriet Brown had to say after her #NutriGrainFinals Ironwoman victory!

World-Champ Harriet Brown claims first Nutri-Grain title - Surf Life Saving
Matt Poole gets it done at North Cronulla, defeating Shannon Eckstein to collect his first #NutriGrainFinals Ironman title.

Congratulations, Pooley!
10-years of competition and training all came down to this.

See what Matt Poole had to say after his #NutriGrainFinals Ironman victory!

Poole of emotion as Matt's Nutri-Grain dream comes true
Nathan Smith runs out with his kids prior to the final race of a stellar Ironman career!
20 years later this legend finishes his final race.

What a career for Wes Berg!
2017 Nutri-Grain IronWoman Finals Series overall placings:

1. Harriet Brown; 2. Courtney Hancock; 3. Karlee Nurthen; 4. Maddy Dunn; 5. Georgia Miller; 6. Rebecca Creedy; 7. Emma Dick; 8. Naomi Scott; 9. Danielle McKenzie; 10. Jemma Smith; 11. Amy Nurthen; 12. Lizzie Welborn; 13. Tara Coleman; 14. Kristyl Smith; 15. Kirsty Higginson; 16. Maddie Spencer; 17. Taylar Puskaric; 18. Brielle Cooper;...
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Congratulations to Matt Poole and Harriet Brown on their 2017 #NutriGrainFinals series victories
Final Ironman and Ironwoman presentations continued.
2017 ‪#NutriGrainFinals‬ Ironman and Ironwoman trophy presentations.
Watch Matt Poole win the 2017 #NutriGrainFinals Ironman championship!!!
LOOK IN | Ironman eliminator introductions!
Harriet Brown is your ‪#NutriGrainFinals‬ overall Ironwoman champion!!
LOOK IN | Junior Ironman from North Cronulla.
LOOK IN | Junior Ironman and Ironwoman kicking off NOW from North Cronulla Beach.
LOOK IN | U17 junior Ironman and Ironwoman from North Cronulla Beach.
Georgia Miller just popped over this wave to leave the rest of the pack behind and take out the double point #NutriGrainFinals Ironwoman accumulator round.

Harriet Brown currently sits in the series lead however, ahead of Courtney Hancock, Maddy Dunn and Miller who sits fourth.

Who is your tip to take out the crown today?