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Up close and personal whilst tickling the lip. It's in the details. Jojo Roper, San Diego. Photo: Todd Glaser Photography
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Nothing gets your heart pumping like getting caught inside by a cleanup set. Deep breaths, deep breaths...

Week In Review: [ Link ]
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"I went into this film with no idea what I was getting into. Through the process, Bethany Hamilton got married, had her first kid, surfed 50-ft Jaws, and got 3rd in Fiji. She's an amazing human."

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber On Bethany Hamilton's New Film, Unstoppable
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Pipeline live 1.20.17 by Zak Noyle Photography
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To make a wave look this casual at Pipeline is no fluke. Many will try. Many will fail. Only a few will ever achieve such a goal. Mark Healey, yesterday morning. Video: Kilauano
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"I'm gonna get my shit together for real and see if I can make a last run at a title"

Next Year Will Be Kelly Slater's Last On Tour | SURFER Magazine
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Ozzie Wright, Ari Browne, and Vinnie Steele getting weird amongst the summer crowds.

Watch: Oddballs In Oz
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Facebook CEO files lawsuits against dozens of native Hawaiian families in attempt to kick them off ancestral lands.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, No Man Is An Island
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Stick 'em up, you're surrounded. Dane Gudauskas, Teahupoo. Photo: Zak Noyle Photography
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Next time you start complaining about how cold it is...

Watch: Feral Barrels In Scotland
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So cold. So painful. So worth it. New Jersey. Photo: BenCurr Photo

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In Long Island, New York, a group of surfers hosts concerts and fundraisers to benefit the local handicapped community, in memory of beloved local surfer. This is their story.

Agents of Change: The Tommy Brull Foundation
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Outgoing President Barack Obama designates 6,000 more acres as National Monument, preventing development and environmental degradation.

Obama Protects More Of California's Coastline
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Knife the drop. Take your hand off the rail. Get blown into the channel. Nathan Florence checks all the boxes at Pipeline. Video: Kilauano
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Settlement denies approval of six-lane highway through San Onofre State Park.

Trestles Saved From Toll Road—Forever
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Cameras, jet-skis, and drones track the Portuguese monster.

Watch: Nazaré By Land, Air, And Sea
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With Coco Ho, Sage Erickson, Malia Manuel, and Lakey Peterson.

Watch: Ladies' Day At Kelly's Wave Pool
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"This isn't where I parked my car."

Surfer Spends 16+ Hours Lost At Sea
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Keep your hair dry as long as possible. Tyler Warren, Southern California. Photo: Ellis
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