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Hawaii's Lifeguards could potentially lose their protection from personal lawsuits due to a change in legislation that had protected them from such lawsuits since 2002. Follow the link in comments section to read about the outcry of support for the men and women of the North Shore Lifeguard Association Here's local lifeguard Kaiwi Berry making the most of his day off. Photo: Todd Glaser
Hawaiis Lifeguards could potentially lose their protection from personal lawsuits due to
04/28/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
According to part-time big-wave judge and full-time SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis, it’s a crude science, but a science nonetheless.
According to parttime bigwave judge and fulltime SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis

How Do You Measure The World's Biggest Waves?
James Darlow
Brian Merrill
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Wedge initiations might not be a 30 second beatdown, but by the second, they can pack just as strong of a punch. Welcome to the club @brandendefilippo. Clip by Alex Verharst
Branden DeFilippo
Michael Schultz
Alejandro Romero Lloret
04/28/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Old story, new sewage spill (La Jolla this time).
Old story new sewage spill La Jolla this time

Contagion Present | SURFER Magazine
Scott Paul
Griffin A Moore
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"A lot of people attack the sea, I make love to it.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau
Clip by Clark Little. For more of Clark's work go to [ Link ]
Tommy Walker
Misha Khalid
Arturo Martinez
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The label “hardcore” gets thrown around a lot, but one could argue that you don’t know the meaning until you’ve seen midwesterners drive day and night to greet a fleeting swell in 35-degree water.
The label hardcore gets thrown around a lot but one could argue

The Other North Shore | SURFER Magazine
Erik Wilkie
Scott Lambeth
Erik Wilkie
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Photo of the Day: Luke Davis deep inside a central Mexico sand-bottom pit. Photo: Ryan Craig
Photo of the Day: Luke Davis deep inside a central Mexico sandbottom pit Photo: Ryan Craig
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It’s that time of year to reflect on consequential rides—of gloriously-stuck airdrops into mutant bombs, and the not-so-glorious spills when those same airdrops go awry.
Its that time of year to reflect on consequential ridesof gloriouslystuck airdrops

Ben Andrews on his Big Wave Award-nominated ride | SURFER Magazine
Ben Andrews
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While 40-plus years have changed everything about surf discovery, and the secrecy of the ’70s can never be recreated, we can always reminisce with an honorary Throwback. Watch "The Forgotten Island of Santosha" on our site. Film by Larry Yates.
Philip R. Vandenbrook
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Hawaiian lifeguards in peril under threat of personal lawsuits. Spread the word.
Hawaiian lifeguards in peril under threat of personal lawsuits Spread the word

Our World-Class Hawaiian Watermen Are Now The Ones Who Need Saving
Kevin Melanson
David Kukahiko Miller
Pj Jordan
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Lindy Linden, California 1976. Photo: Woody Woodworth
Lindy Linden California 1976 Photo: Woody Woodworth
Adam Melcher
Anthony Kamahele
Natalie Michel
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Back then a crew of surfers risked life and limb to discover a malaria infested Desert Point.
Back then a crew of surfers risked life and limb to discover

Meet The Team Behind The Discovery Of Desert Point, And How They Kept It A Secret For Ten Years
Chris Bane
Drew Williamson
Mike Kintanar
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Live from Surfer HQ with Parker from Varial Surf Technology
Red Pencil
Trevor Goodworth
Jah Waxman
yesterday at 15:45. Facebook
yesterday at 14:03. Facebook
When you've racked up as much tube time as Anthony Walsh has over the years, you can't fault him for his comfort. GoPro
Joe Mickey
Luke McEniery
Irina Alexandra Ferreira
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"As much as I enjoy the perfectly front-lit, green barrel shots of Mexico, they can be a bit misleading. More often than not, the water is foamy – green mixed with brown from all the rip current, and things aren’t nearly as pretty as the shots you see in magazines."
As much as I enjoy the perfectly frontlit green barrel shots of

Behind The Scenes In Central Mexico
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Here's an outtake of @brendongibbens from Surfer's recent trip to Portugal for an upcoming Dane Reynolds profile. Craig Anderson and Brendon were in the country as well. More to come soon...Photo: Grant Ellis
Heres an outtake of brendongibbens from Surfers recent trip to Portugal for
Harlan Deezburg
Brian LaRiviere
Jonas Bomfim
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3 years old, but aging beautifully.
3 years old but aging beautifully

Top 12 with Todd Glaser | SURFER Magazine
Jessica Lauren
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Sections this sweet must be dealt with properly. Here, Leif Engstrom hucks one over photographer Darren_Muschett in Puerto Rico.
Ryan Algaze
Elias Rosa
Malu EyeWear
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The mockumentary filmmakers behind "Freezing" launch Kickstarter for new project, "The Outrider"
The mockumentary filmmakers behind Freezing launch Kickstarter for new project T

Yes, The Minds Behind 'Freezing' Are Launching A New Project
Marina Ferrari