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How influential is Julian Wilson’s surfing? Well, allegedly, it’s enough to warrant a fan page. I guess you can say piracy is a form of flattery.

Julian Wilson Fc's Highlight Montage
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Nick Vasicek scrapping, or in this case falling, into a mutant Snapper reform. Clip: Stace Galbraith
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A colorful conclusion. Dane Gudauskas savors the last bit of sunlight. Photo: Todd Glaser
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“The ocean has taught me that, no matter how sketchy the surface is, we have to be calm like [it is] under the sea,” —Martin Jeri

Here's Your Wake-Up Call To Martin Jeri
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Let life coach Mason Ho energize your stoke with a breakdown of his favorite sticks laying around his backyard.
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Alas, while no stone has been left unturned, many are out there unattended, long-forgotten.

Waves On Mars?? | SURFER Magazine
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No one paints a purer picture of surfing than Mr. Divine.

Photographer Jeff Divine Talks Story
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spelunking [noun spe·lunk·ing \-kiŋ\]: the hobby or practice of exploring caves. Here, Seabass reaches expert level. Clips by: Happily Stoked
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Did Billy Kemper say "waxing up my 10'4?" That's a whole lotta wax.
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It's like telling your friends about your vivid dreams. It just never comes out right...

Tuberiding: Less Said the Better | SURFER Magazine
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Here's a little teaser from the opening segment of Jordy Smith's feature film "Just Now". Pretty good way to start, right? Full edit link can be found below in the comments. Edit by Dane Staples
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Go spend the weekend crafting your own style. @bobbersandsinkers arching his way through the weekend in Cardiff, CA.
Photo: @toddglaser #SURFER #SURFERphotos
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Take a second and soak up some wisdom.

Wisdom: Nat Young
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"You can walk into a room with Kelly Slater and Tom Curren, and tell them straight: you guys don't got a better surfboard than me." — Mason Ho quoting Dick Brewer. We're a prideful bunch when it comes to our arsenal, aren't we? Here's Part-1 of Mason Ho's Quiver.
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Minimal cost, maximal stoke, using LAX as your flight hub.

Three Central American Trips That Won’t Break The Bank | SURFER Magazine
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Throwing an oddball sled in the mix just for fun can liven up any quiver. Tucked under the lip, Tom Curren gives his fast food tray a spin. *HappyMeal sold separately. Photo: Morgan Maassen
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Still in awe? Us, too. How can you get there? Why won't Mick Fanning say anything? Keep guessing. [ Link ]
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The Canary Islands aren’t exactly the first location that comes to mind at the mention of big-wave surfing. But when a gigantic swell visited its shores, a handful of brave surfers paddled out into its waters to have a go anyways. Watch the full edit here: [ Link ]
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Do you remember your first board? Tanner does. Peep the 1998 model. How big is that thing? 4'6''?