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Kids start so young these days.

Case in point, 15 year old Callum Smith who swims out to Cape Solander and Shark Island on the heaviest days and clicks his life away.

When Surfing Life was 15 we were doing head dips in shoreys and chasing girls on our skateboards.

Click for full gallery!

All photos /Smith

Introducing Callum Smith - Cronulla Surf Photographer • Surfing Life
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Sunday at the Surfing Life cinemas is a beauty!

Fraser Dovell, former 2013 Australian Junior Champ goes ballistic in this five-minute edit.

Deep tubes, Margo-like railwork and there's a casualness about his airs which remind us of John John.

Big call, we know. But watch it and make up your own mind!

Razor Dovell – Series 17 ... • Surfing Life
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'Just Now' (South African phrase) meaning: very close to the present moment.

Well, get into the present moment, ignore your boss for the next 20-minutes and sink your teeth into this one.

It's too good not to watch. .

Full length feature film - Just Now, Jordy Smith • Surfing Life
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Come in here and get to know Master Shaper Rod Dahlberg. He's still surfing and pumping out his hand shapes out of Angourie.

"Wave pools will never take away the ocean experience – dolphins, sharks, birds and sea life. They will however provide waves for people who don’t have them and provide a training platform for pro’s and amateurs alike to perfect certain manoeuvres."

It's a fascinating...
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The Surfing Life of ... Master Shaper Rod Dahlberg • Surfing Life
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Here's part two of our series about Mick Fanning's Norway trip.

"Fade to Black," is our Page 38 feature in our current TRAVEL ISSUE. This edit follows Mick through Norway and is the behind the scenes footage of our magazine

Dig in here!

Photo /Moran- RedBull

How Mick Fanning ended up in Norway - Part II • Surfing Life
"In a referral submission open for public comment with the Department of Environment and Energy, consultants through a “desktop search” found the area was “known or possible” habitat for five animal species that are critically endangered; four endangered species; 10 that were vulnerable and 57 considered threatened."

So... Mayor Tom Tate says, carting diesel ship fuel by barge through Moreton...
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Mayor unveils his latest CST plan
Unable to speak. With the impossible to ignore storyline, Owen Wright has claimed the Quiksilver Pro.

From the depths to the heights, Owen has explored the full spectrum.

Photo /Cestari

A little bit of everything today in the men's Quiksilver Pro.

As we inch towards the final, it's all the usual suspects shining. Joel, Kelly and Medina look like the ones to beat.

Photo /Cestari

As Day four winds down with Joel killing it in the water, Surfing Life take a squizz at the Rookies.

The 2017 rookie class has been touted and hyped as the best rookie class possibly ever.

Lets see how they did.

Photo /Sloane

THE SNAPPER SIX – Rookies rule the day. • Surfing Life
Ace Buchan is up right now in heat 6 of round two. He's going against a dangerous looking Jeremy Flores.

Come on you Buchan little beauty.

Click here to watch:

2017 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast - Round 2
Day one of the Quiksilver Pro is done and dusted. There was a whole procession of interesting things happening, and we struggled to nail down just six things.

We could have written 106 things, but we decided to spare you all from our frothing.

Photo /WSL Sloane

THE SNAPPER SIX – 6 things about the Quiksilver Pro today. • Surfing Life
Matt Wilko is up right now in heat two of the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks.

Tune in here, or head down to the beach.

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The girls are go!

Round one action. It's a little wobbly but it doesn't seem to be slowing the girls down.

Sally Fitz won the opening heat, and heat two just hit the water. Catch WA rookie Bronte Macaulay in her first heat of WSL action!.

2017 Roxy Pro Gold Coast
Come get to know Australia’s latest WSL Tour qualifier. A kid who keeps it real in and outta the water.

He’s the current World Junior champ, and he makes his WSL debut this week at Snapper Rocks.

Get around him!

Come and get to know Ethan Ewing on the eve of the Snapper Pro! • Surfing Life
Mikala Jones is one of the best barrel riders in the world.

He also pioneered GoPro POV angles inside the barrel. So there's no person better qualified to teach you how it's done.

with some solid East Coast swell coming in, now's a good time to brush up!

Photo /Reef

How To: Film inside the barrel with Mikala Jones • Surfing Life
Humans to blame for bulk Arctic sea ice loss.

A recent study has found humans are to blame to 60% of Arctic sea ice loss.

The paper, based on model simulations of different climate conditions, was a rare attempt to quantify the relative contributions of humans and nature to the dramatic decline and could have a major impact on future research.

Understanding all causes of the sea ice...
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The WSL to go all Keanu Reeves in the Matrix at this year's Snapper contest?

From the official WSL press release:

"The World Surf League (WSL) has announced a partnership with Visa as the official payment partner of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast, the first stop on the 2017 WSL Championship Tour (CT).

In addition to being the official payment partner at this event, Visa will pilot...
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“We could go anywhere,” says Mick. “Boardshorts. Whatever. But nope, we came here.”

And with that, Mick Fanning's Norway adventure started. Straight outta Page-38 from our latest TRAVEL Issue, see the behind-the-scenes footage of Mick in Norway.

Trevor Moran, the photographer with Mick, gives some super handy tips about shooting in the snow, under the northern lights and every other...
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How Did Mick Fanning end up in Norway? • Surfing Life
A surfing event will be held at Dee Why Beach on Sunday 30 April to raise funds and awareness for Lifeline Northern Beaches.

The Lifeline Classic will involve fundraising teams, each with a pro surfer, who will compete in a tag-team format.

The CEO of Lifeline Northern Beaches, David Thomas, said suicide is our national emergency.

“We have more than a problem on our hands," Mr Thomas...
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Hiroto Ohhara and Holly Wawn have taken out the final Vissla NSW Pro Surf Series event on the Central Coast.

The finals were run in fun waves, after the guys and girls were bombarded earlier in the week.

Wawn's victory was especially sweet. After a potential career ending car accident last year, her road back to competitive surfing has been a long and gruelling one.

She said, "it’s been...
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