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While the East of Australia continues to be a humid waveless wasteland of torture and agony ... who can picture themselves ensconced in the middle of the South Pacific doing these ones right about now?

Shit, we know we could!

Photo: Lawrie VH
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The Carve Pro in Maroubra kicks off the Australian leg of the QS events. Surfing Life loves these 1-Star QS events. Like an old faithful Landcruiser, they start in anything and go forever.

The big story in round one was Dave Vlug coming runner up in his heat. Dave was on the receiving end of a bouncer kicking a door open back in 2011. Dave lost 92% eyesight in one eye, and it’s been a long...
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Build your own board, they said. It'll be fun, they said ...

Gerroa local, Jamie Spence shaped his own little summer board and took it out recently, and ended up in emergency. Luckily he's okay now, which means we can all have a little giggle about it.

Wiping Out in Gerroa.
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With family roots deeply entrenched there, Mick Fanning escapes into the anonymity of Irleland and slips into a heaving North Atlantic Ocean.

This video picks up where our latest issue's interview with Mick, left off ... So join White Lightning as he goes home to surf, reflect and think about what's ahead.
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When Patagonia's Yves Chouinard accepts you into his 1% for the planet program and Richard Branson references you on his blog ... you know you're doing something right.

Meet the guys from Smile, a Sunshine Coast clothing brand who are giving much more than they're receiving.

Meet Soren Molineux
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Shark Mitigation Systems and Rusty team up to make shark proof surfboards and wetsuits.

"The news saw investors dive into the small cap stock, with trading volume 10 times above average and a closing gain of 10.7 per cent to 15.5c."

Although upon reading the small print, we're not filled with confidence it's 100% proven this technology will work.

"Researchers say recent testing conducted...
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Live on the Gold Coast? Surfed for 5-years? Ever get itchy ears after a surf, or a dull ear ache from time-to-time which passes by itself?

You could have a degree of Surfer's Ear, in which case, we want to talk to you!

Photo: Lawrie VH

Largest Surfer’s Ear Study Needs Your Help!
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We're guessing you'd need to microwave your nuts just to pee after two hours in this.

Boardshorts have never looked so good as Sam Hammer gives us all a glimpse as to what goes into surfing some New Jersey cola slushies...

Sam Hammer – Frozen.
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Heavy Footage from Kalani Chapman's horror wipeout at Da Hui Backdoor Challenge.

Kalani got dusted on a NW bowl and hit the water hard, knocking himself out on his own board in the turbulence. He was dragged to shore where lifeguards literally bought him back to life.

This is why guys and girls charge so hard. The care we get out of the water from lifeguards and paramedics is second to none.

Gripping Footage of Kelani Chapman being bought back to life
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A little bit of Monday morning inspo.

Be like Mike, and just do it!

My Saturday Morning
While most of Australia bakes through an endless heatwave of humidity and yuck. Let's all cast our minds back to that time new WSL rookie Connor O'Leary and Soli Bailey scored some icy isolation on one of Australia's remotest little nooks.

Video by: Darcy Ward

Cold and Raw Australia
Surfing and art have long been connected, so it’s fitting renowned street artist HULA did his stunning portrait of AI in the lagoon right in front of Andy’s favourite wave –Pipe, during his favourite event – the Pipe Masters. The finishing touch was performed by Axel Irons with his blue handprint placed on Andy’s chest.

AI Forever x HULA
Paul speaker steps down as CEO of World Surf League. Dirk Ziff to take over as interim CEO. Speaker also hints that Wave Pools are the WSL future in his exit statement.

Speaker will stay on the board as part owner, stating that, "With the acquisition of the Kelly Slater Wave Company, we are at a remarkable inflection point in the League's history and we are ready for a new leader who can...
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Catch every wave of Joel Parkinson's in the Burleigh Single Fin final from the weekend.

At the point Joel boosts an air, he's just taking the piss out of every preconception of what you can do on a flat bottomed, six channel single.

Maybe Joel should rock up to Snapper for the opening World Surf League event on his trusty single?

Burleigh Single Fin – Parko
Ethan Ewing is Australia's newest World Champ! He just took out the WSL Junior Pro in Kiama in style.

Congrats son! Next stop, the WSL season opener at Snapper Rocks in March.
First up in Ones to Watch – a new Surfing Life series for 2017. One of North Narra's favourite sons, Jordy Lawler.

Ones to Watch - 2017
There’s a bit going on over at PAAD traction this arvy!

Check out those nice refined lines offering a simplicity and functionality which one can only appreciate ... the girl isn't bad either, we suppose.

If you wanna win a sweet Paad traction setup? It’s simples! Go follow PAAD traction and tag a mate here who surfs like he has eels cellophane-taped to his feet.
A little Sunday morning rev up from Albee Layer.

Albee Landed the first ever 540 this Hawaiian winter, but that wasn't his only goal, he also had a bone to pick with Pe'ahi.

Surfing Life are organising themselves to move to Maui after this slick little edit! Who's joining us?

In Between Giants - Albee Layer
"Paddling is holding surfing back!"

The world according to Makua Rothman. This is the way to kickstart your Friday!

It’s never a dull time with Makua Rothman.
I don't know about you ... but if our point was doing this right now, the boss would be all on his own for at least several days.


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