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Burleigh Boardriders won club of the year at the Australian Surf Awards last night!

They were up against it, but in true Burleigh spirit, they prevailed!

Pic /Sims
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It’s not our usual core surf flick. But Sunday’s are for something a little different.

There's something about this one which excites us. Living and surfing remotely, relying on the land for the bulk of your food.

What could be better?

Pic /

Living off the Grid with Warrick Mitchell • Surfing Life
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Owen Wright has been given the all clear from doctors to resume the WSL CT. It's been a long road to recovery since Owen was knocked out at Pipeline.

He's literally had to retrain parts of his brain to do the simplest of tasks we all take for granted. Let alone having to teach himself how to surf again.

But like an avalanche, once he started, he gained momentum and was never gonna stop...
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Tim Latte from Sweden gives hope to land locked surfers all over the world. You don't need waves & regular contact with them to become really good at surfing.

Read this and learn how!

The surfing life of … The world’s greatest ever Swedish surfer. Tim Latte. • Surfing Life
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Surfing style is a hereditary gene capable of being passed down through the lines of progeny.

Case in point, Lee-Anne Curren, daughter of style-master Tom draws effortless lines through fun, but frigid Icelandic waters.

Pic: Quiksilver

COLD LINES – Lee-Anne Curren, Surfs like Dad, Tom. • Surfing Life
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The Australian Boardriders Battle kicks off this Friday with the trials for the final spot up for grabs. Then the event will run over the weekend with the finals on Sunday.

This year’s field is more stacked than a fat man’s hamburger.

Steph Gilmore and Joel Parko will turn out for Snapper, while the old bull Bede Durbo and young buck Ethan Ewing will paddle out for Point Lookout and Matt...
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Directed by Keith Malloy this tasty little edit is about Raph Bruhwiler, Canada's first ever pro surfer. It'll get you packing up the car and looking for some solitude.

There's even a guest appearance by a black bear!

Bruhwiler Country - Raph Bruhwiler • Surfing Life
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Looking after your back and getting a stronger core. Julian Wilson is known for his big turns and all of it is possible thanks to his elite core.

Be like Julian, by reading the latest instalment in our "How-To" series with Stoke Physio on surfing better, for longer!

Pic: WSL

HOW TO: Beating Out Back Injuries and Surfing Better • Surfing Life
Keanu Asing has smacked and hacked his way to victory at the Komunity Project Pro at Boomerang Beach.

In his return event since falling off the CT last year Asing looked sharper than Joe Turpel in a panama hat!

And in the girls Macy Callaghan continues to surf her socks off, appearing in her sixth final this year alone! If she doesn't make the CT next year, we'll eat an entire Stand Up...
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Aussie stud Soli Bailey has beaten out a stacked final against Adriano De Souza, Bruce Irons and Griffin Colapinto to win the Volcom Pipe Pro.

In easily the biggest win of Soli's career, this win catapults him up the QS ratings.

He joins a pretty special little surfing club with the win. In the Volcom Pipe Pro's eight year history, it only has three other winners, John John (3x), Kelly (2x)...
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This is a modern day Rocky Balboa sports story about Port Stephen's Chris Michalak.

Pic: Kyle Tully

The Surfing Life of ... Chris Michalak • Surfing Life
In Argentina last week a tourist picked up a baby dolphin and beached it while hordes of tourists took selfies with it. Unfortunately that baby dolphin died.

In Brazil this week, a girl picked up shark for a selfie, but this time the results were a little different.

Pic: streamable

Girl Poses with Shark for Selfie • Surfing Life
Boomerang Beach is the next stop in the QS Series with the Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro kicking off today.

As we near the Aus Open and the WSL opener at Snapper, the heavyweights are flying into town and tuning up. Keanu Asing (pictured) from Hawaii is one of many big names entered into the draw.

The forecast has some good looking waves on their way, which will only add to the...
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If you're in need of a sweaty palm, clenched bum, balls-to-the-wall kind of read this morning. Look no further.

Veteran Photographer, Ted Grambeau recounts the Code Red Swell of Tahiti, 2011.

It's a gripping read, and mind-blowingly scary, and that's just from the channel. The guys surfing it that day, were something else entirely!

Edge of Oblivion – Tahiti Code Red Swell • Surfing Life
If you want to dance on the water like a ballerina, you gots to have good ankles. Here's how with Kate Stewart from Stoke Physio!

Pic: Mikey Wright dances! / E Smith

Strong Ankles make for Strong Surfing • Surfing Life
Culburra's Ty Watson and Ren Hashimoto (pictured) from Japan have won the Tweed Coast Pro this afternoon at Cabarita Headland.

The waves were wobbly, but the surfing was needle sharp in both finals. The men's final was squeaky bum time for both riders, Ty and Cam Richards (USA). With each wave caught the lead changed hands right down until the buzzer, where both riders split a peak all the...
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Trigg Point Nightmare.

WARNING: Do not read this if you’re squeamish or had dim sims and chocolate milk for breakfast.

Trigg Point Nightmare • Surfing Life
Round 5 of the Men's Tweed Pro is underway right now at Cabarita. The northerly has backed off a little and there's a few fun ramps.

Wade Carmichael (pictured) is due up soon, so too Mitch Crews and Jagger Bartholomew ... If you got nothing on, go down and check it out.

Pic: WSL/ Bennett
Check this one out.

A Surfing Life reader sent this in. Camping on some cliffs in South Oz waiting for day to break and the surf to be on the pump ... when this happens.

Tristan Ryan sat up until 2am until he got the winning shot. It was probably worth it.

Pic: Tristan Ryan
The latest in our 'Surfing Life of ... series', is an interesting read about about Darcy Ward, a Gold Coast videographer, and the illusion of social media.

click the link and head over there right now!

• The Surfing Life of ... Darcy Ward.