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Hit play on this incongruous wizardry

The Zone | Bryce Young
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Shapers Alley #surfingworldcamp Image / Alex Brunton
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There’s a good chance you’ll be decapitated by a hydro foil board before you finish this sentence but if you're still alive, come on in for the latest episode of Weak Wrap

Hydro Foil Boards Are Here To Kill You
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It was the #surfingworldcamp, where hang-ups vanished like a fine mist into euphoric laughter. A wild-sliding utopian hug fest where people were free to be whatever they wished, whenever they liked... And that means neoprene hippy pants. Image / Jaleesa Vincent x Alex Brunton
Tipi tranquility after a full day on the tear #surfingworldcamp Image / Alex Brunton
Otis Carey and some flagrant disregard for the laws of physics. #surfingworldcamp Image / Alex Brunton
What a time! Thanks to all our sponsors and friends who shared some smiles in the hug pit, had a spin on the sleds and made a great weekend at the #surfingworldcamp all the more magical. Image / Alex Brunton
Have you heard of The Dooley yet? It's a podcast! It's about surfing! And you love surfing! So you already love it. Am I right? Or am I right?

Is Glenn Micro Hall Better Than Tony Robbins?
Wanna meet one of surfing's living legends in the flesh? Take audience with 4 x World Champion Mark Richards at Byron Bay Surfection from 5:30pm tonight as he and Sean Doherty talk twinnies in this intimate q&a session not to be missed
The biggest backhand slap from a South Coaster since Mick Lowe '04. Cop that one 'adversity'.

Sean Doherty On: The Return Of Owen Wright
Fun Boys spread the fun on a bun Clip / Harry Triglone
Ain’t That Swell are back! This episode Jed and Vaughan let loose on the 2017 WSL with all kinds of zany predictions. They also explore the bizarre and forgotten history of stand-up bodyboarding

AIN'T THAT SWELL- Quik Pro Preview, GC, 2017
Taj Watson rip grippin' like a true blue power hound. Onya cobber. #swgrombash Image / Hobbs
Cooly Queen Steph Gilmore all up in the palace - Congrats on the win m'lady. Image / Josh Bystrom
Back from the brink to blitz the field. Is this not the sickest comeback since Fanning '05? Congratulations Owen Wright, you deadset weapon! Image / courtesy Ripcurl #TheSearch
What a night! Great to see crew bopping along to Mylee and the Milkshakes #surfingworldcamp
@__wash__ on a fat tear #surfingworldcamp
Good onya @elkassel! Winner of the #surfingworldcamp Insta draw and all this loot! Thanks our mates at @360flyanz @oneilloz @futuresfins @coronaextra_au @allpressau @poler_australia @sunbum @amyskitchenau @sculptsurfboards
Nothing better than a few curls with the tribe. #surfingworldcamp Corona Image / Robbie Warden