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On this #WorldWaterDay, learn more about the work that our Blue Water Task Force is doing in Rincón Puerto Rico to ensure that the public is informed about water quality issues.
Surfrider is dedicated to the protection of clean water, learn more here: [ Link ]
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Rincon BWTF: A Massive Effort to Protect Public Health and Understand Pollution at the Beach
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Clean water is vital for the health of our beaches, ocean, and the people that enjoy it, but it's constantly under threat from polluted run-off. Our Ocean Friendly Gardens and Blue Water Task Force programs aim to reduce polluted run-off from entering the ocean and to inform local communities about water quality problems.

Watch "Into the Sea" by Mikey DeTemple and learn more about the work...
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"I'm a Surfrider coastal defender because my experiences on, in, and near the water inspire me to do my part to preserve it. Surfrider’s variety of programs and campaigns are, I think, its strength since volunteers can connect with the coastal issues they are most passionate about, and that effort is what’s needed to address the complex issues affecting coastal preservation." - Russ Redman,...
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Activist spotlight: Meet Russ Redman with the Palm Beach County chapter!
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Our 3rd tip for #WorldWaterMonth is to pick up after your pet! You can help us preserve clean water by implementing these simple actions. We'll be sharing clean water tips each week. Learn more by clicking the link below! #LongLiveCleanWater
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Today may be St. Patrick’s Day, but this water is not supposed to be green. This bright green water is caused by massive algal blooms and is bad news for Florida’s estuaries and coastlines. Last summer beaches were shut down due to massive algal blooms and polluted discharges pumped out of Lake Okeechobee and into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries.

#bluenotgreen #stpatricksday...
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St. Patrick's day is all about the color green, but our ocean should not be!
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The Trump Administration and Scott Pruitt want to wipe out funding for water quality testing at our beaches. At risk? The health of 100 million beach-goers and surfers. You don’t want a surf session ruined by becoming sick. Or the closing of your favorite break because of water pollution. Who will fight for clean water? Surfrider will - but we need you by our side. Become a member and help us...
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Who will fight for clean water? Surfrider will - but we need you by our side.
Just last week Scott Pruitt, Head of the EPA, said that CO2 is not the driving force behind climate change. The overwhelming majority of scientists from around the world have been debating global warming science for decades, and they unequivocally agree that CO2 is in fact causing climate change. Now, more than ever, we need to your help to ensure that our leaders are looking out for our...
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EPA administrator says that CO2 is not creating climate change. Majority of scientists disagree...
I'm passionate about saving plants and animals from untimely extinction, and getting the next generation to experience nature..." — Surfrider Volunteer and Water-Testing Expert, Kathy Hall.
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Kathy Hall - decades of dedication to healthy beaches & nature conservation in Puerto Rico
Beaches are the entryway to our ocean. But from locked gates like Martin's Beach, to restricted hours, exclusive developments and economic barriers, these threats all limit access to public beaches. We believe that beaches should be accessible to everyone. This is why our network of volunteers and staff experts are determined to keep our beaches open and accessible for all to enjoy. Our...
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Three Years and Counting: The Lawsuit to Open Martin’s Beach
Did you know that a traditional cotton t-shirt can consumer over 700 gallons of water to produce?! Our Recover t-shirts are made through a completely water-free and chemical-free process. Here's a quick look into the process of how the fabric and the shirts are made. Click the first comment below to purchase a sustainable Recover t-shirt today! #WorldWaterMonth #LongLiveCleanWater
Our 2nd tip for #WorldWaterMonth is to: turn off the sink when brushing your teeth. You can help us preserve clean water by implementing these simple actions. We'll be sharing a handful more clean water tips each week. Learn more by clicking the link in the comments! #LongLiveCleanWater
Today, in celebration of #InternationalWomensDay, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to our amazing network of coastal defenders. Thank you to all who stand up every single day to protect what you love for today, tomorrow and every day after.
#DayWithoutAWoman #NeverthelessShePersisted #LongLiveTheBeach
We have the right to healthy beaches and clean waterways. But President Trump’s Administration is attempting to stop the EPA from protecting the environment and looking out for our health. The time to act is NOW.

Let your representatives in Congress know that clean water and healthy beaches are important to you. Ask them to reject the drastic budget cuts proposed by President's...
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Save the EPA
Between Feb. 6 and Feb. 23, more than 200 million gallons of raw sewage were discharged into the Tijuana River, upstream in Tijuana, Mexico — inevitably finding its way to the Pacific Ocean.

While the Tijuana River is notorious for trash and waste water pollution, this was by far the largest raw sewage spill into the Tijuana River in over a decade. The spill polluted beaches from Rosarito, MX...
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Tijuana River: The Largest Sewage Spill We’ve Ever Seen
This past Friday, our friends RAREFORM appeared on ABC's Shark Tank. Rareform gives old billboards and vinyl banners a new life by recycling them and stitching them into one-of-a-kind bags and mats. Check out our Surfrider x Rareform changing mats below!

Rare form Upcycled Wet/Dry Change Mat
For years, the Clean Water Rule has protected small streams and wetlands across the country, but now these protections are at risk. This is bad news for our economy and for our environment — including the 117 million Americans that get their drinking water from streams protected by the Clean Water Rule. Pick up the phone and call your Congressional Representatives in DC to demand protection of...
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A fellow ocean-lover and long-time Surfrider employee needs our support. After serving the needs of Surfrider, volunteering and working tirelessly towards our mission for over two decades, now it is Mark Babski who is in need of our help. Please share the link below and show Mark and his family how much our community of coastal defenders cares.

Click here to support Ocean Activist in Battle for Life by jake grubb
On the surface, water may appear to be clean, but often times there are pollutants and bacteria present that we can't see. This is exactly why a group of dedicated students gave up their lunch period on Wednesday to go out and collect water samples at two Santa Monica beaches. Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades HS have been conducting water quality tests at both schools for the past eight...
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Students at Santa Monica High Re-launch Blue Water Task Force program
This #WorldWaterMonth you can help us preserve clean water by implementing some simple actions yourself. We'll be sharing a handful of clean water tips each week and this is our first tip! Thanks to our friends Italic Studio for their help animating these tips. Learn more at: