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03/26/2017 at 20:45. Facebook
Guarani leader Ladio Veron, son of Marcos Veron who was tragically assassinated in 2003, came to visit Survival's Madrid office and had some powerful words to share about his people's struggle.

Take action for the Guarani here: [ Link ]
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Sukraam shares his people's incredible knowledge of plants, wildlife, and conservation, and demands that the Baiga tribe be allowed to stay on their ancestral land to raise their children and lead healthy sustainable lives.

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Outstanding stuff! Indigenous nations are marching on Washington to let the U.S. government know what they think of the outrage at Standing Rock:

‘We haven’t lost…we have awakened’: Indigenous nations march on the White House
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Some weekend reading – deforestation has had a terrible human cost in Paraguay:

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The Impact of Deforestation on Paraguay's Chaco
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Want your stunning tribal image featured in Survival’s 2018 calendar? Don’t miss your opportunity to enter our #photography competition here:

One of last year’s winning entries of the Brokpa, Bhutan © Tessa Bunney
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Mongolia's reindeer herders deserve to be respected, not forcibly integrated into industrialized society:

Mongolia's reindeer herders defend their way of life
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Good stuff – indigenous people are getting involved in Canada's 150th birthday celebrations:

How Indigenous people are rebranding Canada 150
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People often try to claim that tribal peoples are unhealthy and have short life expectancies, but a new study has just found that the Tsimané in the Amazon have the world's healthiest hearts and can live well into their 80s!

Tsimané of the Bolivian Amazon have world's healthiest hearts, says study
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03/23/2017 at 17:26. Facebook
The Minister of Environment and Forests in Delhi has confirmed what Survival has been saying – Kaziranga’s guards are empowered to use firearms without sanction and with immunity from prosecution. This is a very serious human rights issue, which has already had catastrophic consequences for tribal people living around the park:

Kaziranga forest guards can use firearms without sanction, says Centre
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03/23/2017 at 01:29. Facebook
Incredible! Perhaps if more of the world's rivers were respected in indigenous terms, our environment would be in better shape #WaterDay:

New Zealand river granted same legal rights as human being
Finally! Efforts to protect the territory of a vulnerable uncontacted tribe from rampant illegal deforestation have received a boost with the opening of talks between the Paraguayan government and tribal representatives.

Talks begin at last over fate of uncontacted tribe
Brazil just put a fox in charge of the chicken coop... and indigenous people will be the ones who suffer:

"Beef caucus" takes over indigenous policies in Brazil | Climate Home - climate change news
The world's rivers were absolutely fine when they were in tribal hands! For World #Water Day, let's remember the vital role they continue to play in protecting these precious and beautiful environments.

If we listened to tribal conservationists more, the planet would be in better shape.
Another example of what can be achieved when we listen to tribal conservationists!

Add your voice to the global call here: [ Link ]

Chenchus help in managing tiger reserve better
Want to help us protect the Amazon and its uncontacted tribal peoples? Spread the word this #InternationalDayOfForests that tribal territories are the best barriers to deforestation.
Tribal territories are the best barriers against deforestation, and in many parts of the world, traditional indigenous forest management techniques could be vital in restoring woodlands.

Let's listen to tribal conservationists!
It's World #Forests Day! Tribal territories are the best barrier to deforestation. Show your support and hold a "Trail for Tribes" event in aid of Survival: [ Link ]
If you believe in the rule of law, how can you support shoot on sight policies, which are extrajudicial killings by any other name? Survival’s Lewis Evans explores.

[ Link ]

Wildlife conservation needs a more humane approach than Kaziranga's shoot-at-sight policy
The UN's indigenous peoples' chief says that many tribal peoples have been evicted from their land, lost human rights, and suffered under the pretext of conservation.

Time for a change of approach: [ Link ]