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In case you didn't already know, the San Francisco Bay Area had a pretty rich history before Europeans showed up...

Here's a map of San Francisco in 1769, before Europeans took over
Over 40% of Guatemala's population is indigenous, but for centuries indigenous law courts in the country have been marginalized. That's starting to change:

Guatemala's Indigenous Seek Recognition for Justice System
These extraordinary photos from last year are well worth another look – highlighting the complexity and self-sufficiency of uncontacted tribal peoples:

Sign our global declaration for uncontacted tribes, and tell your friends to do the same: [ Link ]

Incredible new photos of uncontacted Amazon tribe – that could be wiped out
Wow! Julio from the Shipibo tribe in Peru and leader of one of Peru's biggest indigenous organizations has a message for the world – and he's not afraid to speak up for the rights of his uncontacted neighbors in the face of powerful vested interests.

Take action for uncontacted tribes – the most vulnerable peoples on the planet: [ Link ]
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Over 300,000 women, most of them indigenous were forcibly sterilized in Peru in the 1990s. Now, they are finding innovative ways to campaign for justice:

Quipu: the phone line calling for justice in Peru – video
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Don't despair over #DAPL yet. Indigenous peoples have been fighting for their right to land and life for a very long time, and there is always hope:

How will Native tribes fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in court?
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The Indian authorities have threatened to blacklist a BBC journalist for reporting on the grim reality of shoot on sight conservation for many tribal and local people in India. Why do they want this covered up? Conservation must face scrutiny, and harming tribal peoples also harms conservation.

End shoot on sight brutality: [ Link ]

BBC Documentary Alleges Kaziranga Has An Alarming 'Shoot On Sight' Order For Poachers
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What is the Amazon Uncontacted Frontier, what are the threats to this cradle of human and biological diversity, and what can you do to help protect it? Answers here:

The Amazon's Uncontacted Frontier
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On this day 48 years ago, an article in the British Sunday Times entitled "Genocide: From fire and sword to arsenic and bullets – civilization has sent six million Indians to extinction", moved a small group of concerned individuals to act. Their meeting led to the founding of Survival, saving countless tribes from extinction. Today, tribal peoples all over the world still need our help. By...
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Who needs other people's ideas of "development" or "progress" when you live like this!

We are inside it, and it is inside us
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The Guarani are forced to live in overcrowded reserves, in makeshift encampments on roadsides, or on tiny patches of surviving forest, drinking water that is polluted by pesticides and scratching out a living any way they can.

Don't just stand by, act: [ Link ]

The 'slow genocide' of Brazil's Guarani people must stop
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When tribes are annihilated, entire languages, religions, and views of the world die with them. On International Mother Language Day, we remember Boa Senior, last speaker of the Bo language, who died in 2010:

Extinct: Andaman tribe’s extermination complete as last member dies
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Today is International Mother Language Day! Worth exploring the rich diversity of tribal languages around the world:

We have our own talk
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Wow! Some Brazilians have decided to protest against deforestation and the shredding of indigenous rights... through samba!

Add your own voice of protest here: [ Link ]

Samba troupe's political plan for Rio carnival ignites firestorm with farm lobby
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This #PresidentsDay, it is vital that we remember the history of genocidal violence, slavery, and racism that characterized the colonization of North America. Here's hoping for better days ahead.
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There has long been a hard-line, anti-people strain in the environmental movement. We have to protect endangered flora and fauna – but we can do so more ethically and effectively by working with tribal and indigenous peoples.

Survival's Stephen Corry makes the case:

Our Modern Environmental Movement Has Its Roots in Racist, Religious Dogma
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Interesting project – some indigenous Australians are using technology to protect and revive their languages:

App hopes to save endangered Indigenous Queensland language
Tribal peoples have developed ways of life that are largely self-sufficient and extraordinarily diverse. On full moons the Awá in Brazil's Amazon practice Karawara – a journey to the spirit world:
Australia is at serious risk of creating a second "stolen generation." This is what happens when you deny people the right to determine their own futures:

Indigenous child removal rate risks 'second stolen generation', Kevin Rudd warns
Sadly, life is not improving for most indigenous people in Australia:

Australia failing to improve Aboriginal lives