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Serious action is needed to tackle Canada's First Nations suicide crisis, but comparing indigenous reserves to South Africa's apartheid risks undermining fundamental land rights.

When people are allowed the right to self-determination, they generally thrive. Join us in lobbying the United Nations: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

'Apartheid system' of reserves to blame for Innu suicides: Quebec coroner

Bad news, a terrible 'development' project in India has moved closer to going ahead. It'll involve flooding huge sections of a tiger reserve.

Meanwhile, Indian authorities continue to insist that tribal people have to be evicted from their ancestral land – to protect the same environments.

Ken-Betwa project on linking rivers cleared for environmental nod

Job opportunity! Have a look here, or spread the word to help us find the perfect candidate to be our new Supporter Services Assistant: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]


Survival International
01/15/2017 at 17:09. Facebook
Cold this winter? Warm yourself with the extraordinary tribal portraits in our 2017 calendar! This lovely picture of a Nenets child is by Simon Morris.

Available here, all proceeds to our vital work: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

Survival International – Shop

Survival International
01/14/2017 at 18:26. Facebook
"Turning indigenous people's lands into national parks turns the very people who have looked after the forest into criminals. They're often evicted from their former homes, or banned from hunting and gathering, so they're no longer able to feed themselves."

Stand up for tribal rights in central Africa: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

OECD takes up complaint that WWF has funded abuses of Cameroon's forest peoples

Survival International
01/14/2017 at 16:28. Facebook
We took a walk across the frozen plains of northeastern Canada with members of the Innu tribe – and discussed the serious problems faced by many First Nations Canadians: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

Nitassinan: walking in the footsteps of Innu ancestors

Survival International
01/14/2017 at 11:24. Facebook
The new Brazilian government is dragging its feet on tribal land rights – ignoring their own constitution and international law!

Give Brazil's tribes a chance to survive: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

Brazil stops demarcating land for indigenous people: ex- govt agency official

Survival International
01/13/2017 at 22:21. Facebook
More officials are in trouble in India's notorious shoot to kill National Park. Last year four staff members at the park were arrested for alleged involvement in rhino poaching,now seven more have been suspended. The very park guards employed to protect endangered wildlife often profit by conspiring with criminal poaching gangs, and tribal people get blamed!

There is an alternative – tribal...
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7 Kaziranga staffers suspended

Survival International
01/13/2017 at 21:28. Facebook
The struggle for tribal peoples' rights is about land, self-determination, and survival against a hostile and prejudiced outside world. Tribal peoples are contemporary societies which evolve, exchange, and interact with their neighbors, not pristine "prehistoric savages."

This Brazilian TV presenter who said people would have to "die of malaria" if they want to preserve their culture doesn't...
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TV presenter slammed for racist comments against Indians

Survival International
01/12/2017 at 23:20. Facebook
People often accuse Aboriginal Australians of having wiped out many prehistoric species, but new research suggests they lived peacefully alongside them for thousands of years!

Tribal peoples have been dependent on and managed their lands for millennia. Support them: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]

Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years

Survival International
01/12/2017 at 21:03. Facebook
Maasai land is being systematically stolen in the name of "development."

"They came with clubs, spears and machetes. They tried to seize our cattle. They torched houses and raped women."

There's no justification for this sort of brutality.

Tanzania allows Maasai land to be stolen under the guise of development

Survival International
01/11/2017 at 19:43. Facebook
The Munduruku and their lives and lands are being destroyed to make way for a hydroelectric dam. This is a total outrage!

Great video from Mongabay, allowing the tribe to speak to the world for themselves: [ Mongabay.com Link ]
Survival International
01/10/2017 at 21:53. Facebook
It's vitally important that we protect rainforests and endangered species, but this is no way to do it. Join our protest against WWF's disastrous policies in Cameroon by pasting this text onto their Facebook:

"I'm urging WWF to stop funding the eviction and abuse of rainforest tribes in central Africa. It's a disaster for their lives, lands, and human rights, and it's harming conservation."

‘Torture & murder’: WWF to be probed for alleged human rights abuses against Cameroon tribes

Survival International
01/10/2017 at 18:50. Facebook
Blowing up the center of a tribe's universe to create a dam is not just unacceptable – it threatens to wipe out an entire people:

The end of a People: Amazon dam destroys sacred Munduruku “Heaven”

Survival International
01/10/2017 at 16:07. Facebook
We still have stunning calendars available! Ease yourself into 2017 with beautiful tribal portraits like this one by Nguyen Van Long :

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Many of the world’s staple crops and drugs used in Western medicine originate with tribal peoples, and have saved millions of lives. Even so, tribal peoples are portrayed as backward and primitive simply because their communal ways are different:

'There are medicines out there that I know about ...'

VIRTUAL RALLY: This week we're demanding that WWF stop funding abusive squads in central Africa. Just head over to their Facebook page now and post the following text:

"I'm urging WWF to stop funding the eviction and abuse of rainforest tribes in central Africa. It's a disaster for their lives, lands, and human rights, and it's harming conservation."
"They're still destroying the forest. It's tragic."

Imagine being forced into a violent first contact with industrial society. It would be pretty terrifying! That's exactly what happened to Wamaxua, and continues to happen across the Amazon.

Uncontacted tribes' land must be protected to allow people the chance to determine their own futures: [ Survivalinternational.org Link ]
Very worrying – America's first tribal park is under threat:

In the Badlands, Where Hope for the Nation’s First Tribal Park Has Faded