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Just because you know how to fire a weapon doesn't mean you know how to operate in an actual tactical scenario.

5 Tactical Tips To Maneuver Like An Elite Operator
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With just a soda can, you can get into a padlock. Sorry, we can't help with remembering what you did with the key.
Find step by step instructions on the blog. [ Link ]
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Rabbit meat can be really delicious, if you know how to butcher and prep it properly.

How to Butcher a Rabbit Humanely | Homesteading
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Not everyone has access to a big stretch of land to have a big garden. These plants can grow in a bucket right on your patio or balcony.

5 Plants You Can Grow in Buckets
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When bugs are good, they are really good. But when they're bad, they're AWFUL.

Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs: 5 Beneficial Insects For The Garden
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Perfect for your next picnic!
Who's bringing the chips?
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Read this once, then read it again. A knife attack can come from anywhere, so know what to do to minimize damage and stay alive.

How to Survive a Knife Attack
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Can you name one way to sharpen a knife? Of course you can.
How about four ways? Can you sharpen your knife four different ways?
Watch this video. Now you can.
Check out more on our blog --> [ Link ]
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Sometimes, you just need to throw things. No, not throw ...... CATAPULT.

Survival Catapults | Applications and Designs Through The Ages
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Don't ruin your sacred hunting time with these buzzkills.

Hunting Season Buzzkills | Survival Life
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Do you know the most underrated survival tip? And are you utilizing it?

The Most Underrated Survival Tip?
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We may take the power grid for granted, but that doesn't mean that it's invulnerable. One good cyberattack could take us back to the Dark Ages.

Power Grid Down | DOE Warns Cyber Attacks Could End America As We Know It
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Mother Nature can strike at any moment and take out a building in the blink of an eye. Hopefully you'll know what to do to stay alive.

Building Collapse Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Radiation accidents aren't just movie plot devices; they can (and do) happen. Are you ready for it?

10 Radiation Accident Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life
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Castaway is a great movie, but it definitely benefited from movie magic. How would you fare, marooned on an island?

9 Shipwreck Survival Skills You Should Know About
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The most indestructible knot known to man!!
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What the heck is a Karambit knife, and how the heck do you use it?

What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives? | Survivallife
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Trapping animals for food isn't easy, but it's a skill that can provide a great deal of sustenance for you and your family in a disaster scenario.

Trap for Your Life (Part 1): The Squirrel Snare
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Having food supplies is a staple of prepping. But how about long-term famine? Are you prepared to handle a food shortage with no end in sight?

9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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What's your best bug repellent trick? Share in the comments below!