So often in our monetary culture, we hold back our gratitude because we think money is enough of reward for our hard labor. It isn't. We don't feel grateful for our paycheck, we feel entitled to it because, in many cases, we sacrificed more than we had to give.

#BeGrateful #Abundance
Edible labels seem like a good start to reducing small particle waste which ends up in the ocean and in the mouths of hungry animals.

Swedish Supermarkets Replace Sticky Labels With Laser Marking
The stories we tell create our world. If we want to change the world, we must change the story. #ChangeTheStory
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What powers do you think we "lay waste to" when we are mainly focused on accumulating material things?
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The Incredible Power of Giving!

We Rise by Lifting Others
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What do you think Nietzsche is talking about here?

#TrustYourIntuition #AuthenticSelf
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A more sustainable society is one that meets the vast majority of its needs from the local environment. Do you shop local?

I Support Local Businesses, Do You?
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What else can you call it when there are others who need so much and have so little? #StopShopping #BeGenerous
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His theory suggests that negativity and complaining actually physically alters the structure and function of the mind and body...

Science Explains How Complaining is Negatively Altering Your Brain...
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Are you aware of any barriers in your that prevent you from loving?

#UnconditionalLove #LoveEachOther
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"If social rupture is not treated as seriously as broken limbs, it is because we cannot see it. This might explain why, in many languages, it is hard to describe the impact of breaking social bonds without the words we use to denote physical pain and injury. In both humans and other social mammals, social contact reduces physical pain."

Could Mental Illness Be A Result Of An Inhumane Society?
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It certainly is not an easy choice, but the more of us that make it, the easier it will become. #BeTheChange
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Sometimes it is better not to fit in!
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It's hard to say what is "good" or "bad" because you never know what unintended consequences may come as a result.

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The Story Of The Chinese Farmer (VIDEO)
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We are most definitely playing the wrong game.
"At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled." ~ Marshall Rosenberg

The Purpose Of Nonviolent Communication

An extraordinary world awaits a humanity that learns the art and purpose of nonviolent communication.

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Living in a culture that is based on separation, it may seem like this mission is impossible. Even if we have moments where we see this illusion, when the guy cuts you off on the highway, it can be really difficult to feel connected to them. But that separation is an illusion, nonetheless.
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Just in case we ever forget what we have in common with every other being on this planet...
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Do you have the Answers to these Big Questions?

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