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It is natural for any being to want to rebel against forced change. The best way to change someone is to let them observe a better example.

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This is what happens when you decide you would like to have fresh eggs, so you go out to the local farmer and buy a couple of his or her chickens....

The Hazards Of Raising Backyard Hens!!!

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How To Make A Natural Swimming Pool...

How To Make A Natural Swimming Pool...

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Love is unique in each moment. Have you told the people you love that you love them today?

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The idea of Housing First is that housing comes first, services later.

Here's how Utah astoundingly reduced chronic homelessness by 91%

In some cases, states have tried to take down the mega-corporation by accusing them of false advertising. The company bottles water from some sources that are not spring water, but only a municipal supply, then charges unsuspecting customers for the same water they could get out of their taps.

Nestlé Given Green Light to Continue Bottling & Profiting from National Forest Water

If "all is one," wouldn't any feeling of disconnection or isolation be the worst kind of feeling?

The best part about love is that it is a renewable resource.

This Wood Stove Makes Enough Electricity To Power A Small Home...

This Wood Stove Makes Enough Electricity To Power A Small Home...

We've all had our emotions stepped on. That pain can make it difficult to be vulnerable enough to love others. But this is what we must do to heal each other and our planet. Give attention to that pain and offer yourself the love that someone else didn't. We must not close ourselves off to the pain we feel.

#PersonalTransformation #LoveYourself
How cool would it be to live in a tiny house community where you shared the responsibility of growing your food and maintaining your energy, kind of like how it used to be?
It is possible to forgive someone without reestablishing a relationship with them. #SelfLove #SelfEmpowerment #BeYou
Which way is more effective? #PowerOfUnity
Contrary to popular opinion, love is not scarce because it is something each of us can choose to do anytime.
Could capitalism be making itself obsolete?

#ParadigmShift #ZeroMarginalCost
Yeah, he actually said it, in reference to the private sector's ability to solve the major challenges of our time.
We need our trees!
IntroductionWhether you are thinking about drilling a water well on your property or about buying land and would like to know the potential for drilling on that property, you should consider many things.There are no simple solutions, no detailed maps of ground-water presence, and no guarantees. But…

Drilling a Water Well on Your Land: What You Should Know

"We print them onto plastic in more or less the same way we print our plastic banknotes," said Fiona Scholes, senior research scientist at CSIRO.


Mass-produced, printable solar cells enter market and could change everything