Sweden Rock Festival
03/24/2017 at 13:35. Facebook
How have the songs been selected, what did he just do in Russia, and what can we expect to experience on June 10th? Don’t miss our interview with Ulf Wadenbrandt, the conductor and man behind Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra! You'll find the interview here: [ Swedenrock.com Link ]
Sweden Rock Festival
03/23/2017 at 09:50. Facebook
This unique act must not be missed on June 10! The Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra will be performing newly arranged, well known hard rock and metal classics like you have never heard them before! The orchestra usually goes by the slightly shorter name Sweden Symphony Orchestra and is one of the premier orchestras in Sweden. Founded by conductor Ulf Wadenbrandt, they have played all the major...
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Here is a little message to all of you from Rock 'n' Rolf in Running Wild!
We’re glad to announce that Emma Varg and her eminent band have been given this year’s band-competition Wild Card! Emma Varg delivers songs with one of the strongest and best voices within Swedish rock music today. Live, they deliver a high energy show, based on a hard rock attitude. Congratulations and welcome to Sweden Rock this summer!

Mother Mary, Emma Varg 2016

Music & Lyrics: Palle Hammarlund Video: Roger Dunder www.rdfoto.se Emma Varg: Vocals Patrik Sandström: Guitar Klas Edmundsson: Guitar Petter Lantz: Bass Mart...

Every year, thousands of people work at Sweden Rock Festival. Thank you for helping us deliver the best festival in the world!
The new Sweden Rock app is now available for Apple and Android! So go ahead and download and start pinning the bands you don’t want to miss this year!
We will continue the development of the app during the spring, adding some new and useful functions - so keep an eye out for upgrades!
(And if you had already found and downloaded the new app, make sure you make an update today, so that you...
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After our latest announcement of Ratt, Iced Earth, Mustasch, Voivod, Great King Rat and Motvind, the 2017 line-up looks like this. Which bands are you looking forward to this year?
Today we proudly present: exclusive gig with RATT (only show in Europe), epic ICED EARTH from Florida, MUSTASCH from Gothenburg, unique reunion of the mythical GREAT KING RAT (Only show in the world), Canadian cult band VOIVOD and one of Sweden’s hardest bands from the 70:ies; MOTVIND. After the announcement of the eight Nemis bands yesterday, 70 bands have now been confirmed. This means that...
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Sweden Rock is happy to welcome the following New Music in Sweden-bands (Nemis) to the 2017 festival: SKELETON BIRTH, DEAD SLEEP, LEADING LIGHT, SVARTANATT, NOCEAN, VA ROCKS, VEONITY and KNOGJÄRN. Nemis is a way for us at Sweden Rock and Studiefrämjandet to contribute to the growth of new rock music in Sweden. By now, Nemis is a well-established element at the festival, and one that we are...
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One of the most peculiar success stories in hard rock history began in 1993. Apocalyptica originally consisted of four cellists, graduates of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. The four cellists have since become three, while a singer and a drummer have been added to the lineup, and the band's eight studio albums have sold more than four million copies. At SRF 2017 Apocalyptica go back to their...
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Apocalyptica - 'Nothing Else Matters' (Official Video)

'Nothing Else Matters' is taken from the Apocalyptica album 'Inquisition Symphony' released in 1998 & features as a bonus track on the new re-release of 'Pla...

These heavy metal legends are perennial favorites at SRF. Not surprising. If there is a word to describe Biff Byford and his merry men, that word is "reliable". Although many still associate Saxon primarily with early 80s' albums like "Wheels of steel" (1980) and "Denim and leather" (1981), they create good to superb music to this day. Their...
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Saxon - Broken Heroes (Official Music Video)

Broken Heroes official music video by Saxon, from the album "Innocence Is No Excuse", released in 1985. The video is ripped from the DVD "Live Innocence - Th...

In an age where hair metal was deemed dated and laughable in the US, Steel Panther gave their listeners "deniability" by dressing their music up in parody. It was a success. In Sweden, where hair metal is alive and well and doesn't need to make fun of itself, Steel Panther are popular regardless. The reason is, obviously, that parody or not, Steel...
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Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal (Explicit)

To buy the totally bitchin' album 'Balls Out' click here - http://smarturl.it/ballsout

The regular 4-day tickets and tickets for Parking 1 are now sold out. There are a few Parking 2 tickets left.
If you missed your chance but still want to experience the first day of the festival, there are still a few 4-day VIP-tickets left, as well as 1-day Wednesday tickets.
Of course there are also still 3-day tickets left, good for June 8-10.
CONFIRMED DATES (Updated February 20)):

Wednesday June 7
Black Star Riders
Grave Digger
Black Ingvars
Grand Magus
Art Nation
Lost Society
A Tribute To Led Zeppelin

Thursday June 8
Alter Bridge
Steel Panther
Doro Pesch's Warlock
Coheed And Cambria
Fates Warning
Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons
Stacie Collins

Friday June...
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After this morning’s check in the system, we realize that the regular 4-day tickets will be sold out during the day today. So if you would like to experience all of the 2017 festival, it’s time to act now.

Steven Van Zandt, a.k.a. Little Steven, is famous as the guitarist on Bruce Springsteen's best selling albums and as an actor in "The Sopranos". But he has also had a distinguished music career in his own right. Backed by the Disciples Of Soul he released the lauded "Men without women" album in 1982. Later he got recognition, not least in Sweden, for the song "Sun...
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Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul - Los Desaparecidos

Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul - Los Desaparecidos

After today’s announcement of LITTLE STEVEN AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL, STEEL PANTHER, SAXON, APOCALYPTICA, CARCASS, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, HARDLINE and CORRODED, the 2017 line-up now looks like this! And remember - we still have 24 bands to reveal…

Today we can reveal another eight acts to look forward to this summer! LITTLE STEVEN AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL, STEEL PANTHER, SAXON, APOCALYPTICA, CARCASS, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, HARDLINE AND CORRODED. Together with the announcement of the band-competition winners THE UNGUIDED, SUPRALUNAR and STACIE COLLINS from the other day, this announcement means that 56 bands have now been confirmed. And we...
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4-day tickets almost sold out
The way it looks right now, 4-day tickets for Sweden Rock Festival 2017 will be completely sold out within a few days. The Parking-1 tickets are also nearly sold out. (The parking closest to the festival area, across the street.) So if you want to experience all of the festival days, hurry up and secure your ticket here: [ Swedenrock.com Link ]