Swedish Lapland
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It’s the coldest time of the year, and here we are. Standing on the frozen river late at night, ice fishing. Welcome to the Burbot Festival.

Welcome to the Burbot Festival

Swedish Lapland
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The world has been blessed with a new and exciting hotel room - up in the trees.
Swedish Lapland
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Swedish Lapland
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Check into the Aurora dome at Explore The North for a sleepless night (you don't want to miss the show).
Swedish Lapland
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"I can now light a fire without a match and make pine needle tea".

Nights on ice in Sweden's Arctic wonderland

Swedish Lapland
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It's time for the annual Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships! Wanna join? Hurry! Registration closes on January 19th.
Good times will be had in Särkimukka, in the middle of nowhere.
Breathtaking, right? Only a 3,5-hour (direct) flight from Heathrow.
"The idea is that you shouldn’t do anything at all here."

Lantliv Lodge, a place to wind down

It's been a cold, cold week in Swedish Lapland but hey, have a look at some of the fun you can have in freezing temperatures!

Instant water freezing...

Arctic playtime

Swedish Lapland has some pretty cool spots for northern lights gazing.
We'll be looking up at the sky for many reasons this New Years eve; the weather forecast promises clear skies. Have a happy New Year!
To get you into the holiday spirit, let's take a closer look at Santa's best friend: The reindeer. Happy holidays to you all!
Iglootel, a cool stay for those who love winter!
Winter solstice or the shortest day of the year is here. Right now, large parts of Swedish Lapland still has Polar night, or Polar Twilight - with little or no sun at all. A period also known as Kaamos when a magical blue light emerges throughout the sun's absence.

Photo by Graeme Richardson.
Become a culinary artist in one night! Try a cooking class at Sörbyn Lodge, know for their beautiful location as well as their great kitchen.

Gastronomic Cooking at Sörbyn Lodge

Traffic jam in Swedish Lapland.

Photo by Carl-Johan Utsi Photography.
Learn more about dog sledding (and our furry friends)!

Experience dog sledding - Swedish Lapland

Winter is fun in so many ways! Check out some of the great stuff going on in Luleå and Piteå - a part of Swedish Lapland.