Swedish Lapland
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Now that Riksgränsen is open, ski season is in full bloom in Swedish Lapland. See you on the slopes!

Into the winter

Swedish Lapland
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"Especially skating with the led-lights in the middle of the night was awesome."
Finally Friday and a good excuse to relax and pamper yourself. With some Ice Yoga perhaps?

Yoga on Ice

Today are the annual Championships in Winter Swimming! As you know, a good swimming cap (badmössa) is required in any legit swimming competition. Here in Swedish Lapland-style.
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MailOnline Travel's Annabel Fenwick Elliott spent four nights in Swedish Lapland to chase the Northern Lights, and found herself spellbound by the fairytale landscape of Kiruna underneath them.

Why Swedish Lapland is such a magical place to see the Northern Lights

It's Sámi National Day! Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first Sámi Congress held in Trondheim, Norway on February 6th, 1917. Congratulations! Lihkku beivvin!

Sami in Sweden

Skiing under the northern lights? Yes please.
Sámi design can be cool, innovative and often sustainable. But most of all unique. These are some of the designers you can meet at the Jokkmokk Winter Market (perhaps online too).

5 questions to 5 Sámi designers

Today's the opening day of the Jokkmokk Winter Market, one our favourite happenings of the year!

Jokkmokk Winter Market – with a taste of history and nature

"There are no stores, no cars and no cellphone coverage. What we have is what we have and what we don’t have, we don’t need."

On skis through Sarek National Park

It’s the coldest time of the year, and here we are. Standing on the frozen river late at night, ice fishing. Welcome to the Burbot Festival!

Welcome to the Burbot Festival

The world has been blessed with a new and exciting hotel room - up in the trees.
Check into the Aurora dome at Explore The North for a sleepless night (you don't want to miss the show).
"I can now light a fire without a match and make pine needle tea".

Nights on ice in Sweden's Arctic wonderland

It's time for the annual Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships! Wanna join? Hurry! Registration closes on January 19th.
Good times will be had in Särkimukka, in the middle of nowhere.