We ❤ Glenferrie Road!

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Melissa never thought her double degree would have her end up working alongside some of Melbourne’s kookiest creatures.

How Swinburne prepared Melissa for a professional placement at Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Global Game Jam is currently underway for 2017 in our ATC building. Running for just 48 hours, incredible work will be created by games-lovers of all backgrounds: swi.nu/6svfr
Commencing study at Swinburne in 2017? Check out this 360° virtual tour of the Hawthorn campus!
This year we’ve had the second highest increase in VTAC offers for universities in Victoria, with a five per cent jump in offers!

Are you joining us in 2017?

More students choosing to study at Swinburne in 2017

Congratulations to the students who received a VTAC main round offer to study with us.

We can’t wait to see you on campus!
Seven Swinburne films have been recognised, including 'The Great Forrest' for Best Environmental Award.

Swinburne film students win big at California Film Awards

Hot hot hot!

Don't forget that students and staff can swim free at Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre. A valid Swinburne ID is all you need.
Some more top tips from Swinburne Online to help you land that dream job.

How to be more employable

We know the start of the year can bring extra questions. So from this week (18 Jan - 3 Mar), a temporary studentHQ will pop up at each campus library.

Keep an eye out for updates on the opening hours and services available: swi.nu/74fxy
After a 34-year mining career, here's how Trevor pursued his obsession with astronomy all the way to to the top.

Swinburne graduate's journey from backyard astronomer to working with NASA

Apple co-founder Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak told us his time at uni was the best time of his life!

The full interview: swi.nu/6phkc
Picture perfect sunset over Glenferrie Oval.

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It's Midsumma Festival Carnival tomorrow from 11am at Alexandra Gardens - so drop by our stall and show your SwinPride!
Can we Photoshop some students in and filter out the rain?

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Whether it's a summer gig or trying to land the big one, you've got to make your resume pop!

Swinburne Online's top tips to make your resume stand out

At any-one-time, Swinburne employs at least 20 professional placement students to work across the the university.

When professional placement students take over

The students will spend their time learning more about the Myanmar legal system and teaching English at a local university.

Law students embark on Myanmar study tour