Switched at Birth
Switched at Birth
04/22/2017 at 20:13. Facebook
"What if we spent our whole lives and never met?"

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Lina Askbrink
Christine Stamper
Megan Dumas Fetterly
You changed our life, Switched at Birth family.

Catch up on the final season of Switched at Birth on Freeform.com or On Demand now. [ Bit.ly Link ]
You changed our life Switched at Birth family
Stephanie Safdie
Emily Rios
Bruna Botti Santarelli
Sarah Muntz
Jennifer Stewart
Cole Sims
Breanna Elliott
Rani Reusens
Lorraine Rogers Jackson
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Since June 2011, Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano have graced our screens as Daphne Vasquez and Bay Kennish in the Freeform (then ABC Family) show Switched at Birth. Pop City Life spoke with both &...
Switched at Birth 04/13/2017

Interview: Katie Leclerc & Vanessa Marano Talk Switched at Birth Finale

Melody McKnight
Sami Johnson
Andrea Coffey
Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday's Switched at Birth finale. Switched at Birth concluded its five-season run on Tuesday in much the same way it started: with a strong sens...
Switched at Birth 04/12/2017

Switched at Birth EP on Finale's 'Family Triangle,' Reunion Hopes and More

Brittany Freeman
Mark Morino
Tammy Monferdini
Switched at Birth bids farewell with a moving send-off for the Kennish and Vasquez families.
Switched at Birth 04/12/2017

'Switched at Birth' Series Finale React: A Moving Goodbye to Our Favorite 'Switchsters'

Angel Cassie Diddle Bispham
Beatrice Stoppa
Sandy Erickson
It's true.
Its true
Marissa Sirianni
Lalez Janin
Rachael Holliday
Marlana Owens
Candace White
Javon Valentine
Not over the #Bemmett feels.

If you missed last night's series finale, you must catch up now on Freeform.com or On Demand. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Not over the Bemmett feels If you missed last nights series finale
Sandra Collier
Ashley Turner
Connor Frame
Once in a lifetime.

Tonight was for you, Switched at Birth family. All of our love, always.
Once in a lifetime Tonight was for you Switched at Birth family
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Stephanie Parks
Florina Braga
Justin Proffitt
Mahu Nadeem
Lizzie Burnaz
We're live with the cast of Switched At Birth after the emotional Series Finale.
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Jessica Stegall Moore
One last episode. Keep live-tweeting tonight's Series Finale of #SwitchedAtBirth using #SwitchedAtBirthChat!
Lori Lind
Ashley Ingram
Ashley Ingram
Live tweet with your fave cast during the Series Finale of Switched at Birth using #SwitchedAtBirthChat.
Live tweet with your fave cast during the Series Finale of Switched
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As we approach the series finale of Switched at Birth, we're throwing it back to the moment that started it all. We'll see you in 20 minutes, EST/CT.

Season 1, Episode 1: β€œThis is Not a Pipe”.
Ashlee Redmerski
Michelle Meyers
Kelsie NAdam Middleton
Season 1 to Season 5. What a ride it's been.
Season 1 to Season 5 What a ride it's been
Krysten Herrington
Katie Katz
Emily Catherine
Walking Down Memory Lane: Emmett surprises Bay with her birthday present.
Season 1, Episode 9: β€œParadise Lost”.
Stacy Baerncopf Gibbons
Marissa Sirianni
Robin McNeese Craig
Always love & laughs with this cast and crew. BTS photo from tonight's series finale.
Always love laughs with this cast and crew BTS photo from tonight's series finale
Aurore Savary
Ginny Quintana
Christine Jaqulyn Bottiglieri