SYBO Games
SYBO Games
06/26/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Want to see some #conceptart from the #SubwaySurfers #Marrakesh level? We love the camel - which is your favorite? #Marrakech #gamedev
Want to see some conceptart from the SubwaySurfers Marrakesh level We love
Amina Majd Kad
Vitor Alves
SYBO Games
SYBO Games
06/25/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
We're having a great time in #Marrakesh. Wish you were here! Think of some names for the camels - best ones win a prize! SubwaySurfers
Mikaela Clyde
Noel Francis Udeji Agbara
SYBO Games
SYBO Games
06/23/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Many things inspired the beautiful #Marrakesh level of #SubwaySurfers. Which is your favorite? #gamedev
Many things inspired the beautiful Marrakesh level of SubwaySurfers Which is your
Alishba Yousafzai Khan
Suleiman Boutzamat
Person Person
SYBO Games
SYBO Games
06/22/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
A NEW LEVEL! We know that you love new stuff, so the #SubwaySurfers have stopped off in #Marrakesh - enjoy!
Vitor Valverde
Jack Guialdo
Delbelin Nwaogu
Before we head to a new #SubwaySurfers destination, say goodbye to #Peru by telling us the differences between these two pictures. 1, 2, 3 - go!
Before we head to a new SubwaySurfers destination say goodbye to Peru
Sateesh Chandra
Jonatas Jesus
Suleiman Boutzamat
You will NEVER guess where the #SubwaySurfers are heading to next! Maybe somewhere you haven't seen before!
Bobo Hansson
Vinicius Toic
Don Damian
We're really proud of the #conceptart that our artists create for each of the #SubwaySurfers updates. Here's some early art from the Peru stop of the World Tour. #gamedev
Were really proud of the conceptart that our artists create for each
William Wijaya
We're on Instagram - are you? Follow us if you are - we'd love to show you what happens #behindthescenes while we're making #subwaysurfers. [ Link ]
Were on Instagram are you Follow us if you are wed love
תורת המשחקים
Game Loot Network
One of the things we love best about game updates is animating the characters. Look how excited Carlos looks! #SubwaySurfers #Peru #Gamedev
Saveur Faire
Ever wanted to work in the video game industry? Our Art Director, Jonas (the owner of the beautiful dog that you sometimes see on our social media channels), talks about how he got the job here at SYBO. Take a look! #gamedev #gamedesign
Ever wanted to work in the video game industry Our Art Director

Jobs in Games: Sybo's Jonas Georgakakis on how to get a job as an Art Director
The #SubwaySurfers are currently visiting #Peru. Here's some #conceptart from waaaayyyy back, when the ideas were all coming together for this level. Enjoy!
The SubwaySurfers are currently visiting Peru Heres some conceptart from waaaayyyy back
Maria Luisa Flores
Juan Ferrer
Saveur Faire
To celebrate the #SubwaySurfers 5th birthday, SYBO held a huge party in #Copenhagen. Here's what happened! If you see someone you recognise, please share the video with them.
Saveur Faire
Game Loot Network
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We're so proud to have supported this project. Both The Animation Workshop and the world's oceans mean a lot to us here at SYBO. Share this video - and do your bit to keep the oceans clean! #WorldOceansDay #WorldOceanDay
Ηλίας Καραμπάγιας
Michel Baaklini
Ron Lehmann
We have some really exciting news! Daniel Persson has joined SYBO from King, the creators of Candy Crush! We're really pleased to have him on board! Read more in the link. #gamedev #gamedesign

[ Link ]
We have some really exciting news Daniel Persson has joined SYBO from
We're having an amazing time in #Peru? Are you? #SubwaySurfers
Αναστάσης Νοδάρας
Lillian Williams
The #SubwaySurfers are currently exploring the streets of Peru. Want to know what the inspiration was for this update? you are!
The SubwaySurfers are currently exploring the streets of Peru Want to know
Benjamin Torres
Paul Rodriguez
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THE #SubwaySurfers bug is fixed! Update your game, and enjoy the #Peru stop of the world tour. Thanks for your patience.
Fahim Khan
Rosemary Santiago
GH Quame la Liga
Hi there. We're really sorry but #SubwaySurfers is experiencing some problems at the moment - thanks to all of you who have reported the bug to us - we really appreciate it! We've found out what's wrong and fixed it - it just takes a little time to get through to your phones.

DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME, the update was submitted yesterday and should be available very soon. Thanks for all of...
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Fahim Khan
Jesper Gregers Pedersen
We're opening up our new office floor tomorrow! SO EXCITED! We showed a sneak peek on #Snapchat yesterday, but if you missed that....HERE IS THE VIDEO, JUST FOR YOU. We filmed it on our Snap #Spectacles, hence the lovely fishbowl effect! #subwaysurfers #gamedev
Uğur Karaarslan
Gabriel Inacio
The #SubwaySurfers will soon be leaving #Copenhagen...but where will they head next? Can you guess?
Hoàng Mốc'ss