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Tip and Tiny, of course, welcomed baby Heiress recently but other VH1 dads have growing fams too!

How Many Kids Does He Have? VH1 Fathers By The Numbers

Can you believe EVERYTHING you read?

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This video of Tameka Tiny Harris makes us think there's hope for her marriage to T.I.. True love still has a chance!

TIP May Still Have A Chance With Tiny Harris, She Records Herself Saying"He Need To Come Back To Me"

"[The government] sees how adamantly against him being president the hip hop community and young Black people was, so they get Kanye West to come in..."

T.I. Calls Out Yeezy and Other Pro-Trump Celebs: "Kanye West, What the F*** You Doing?"

Georgia Congressman John Lewis marched on Selma. He has been arrested for non-violent protest over 45 times. But sure, he's "all talk."

Donald Trump Called John Lewis, One Of The Great Civil Rights Leaders Of Our Time, "All Talk"

T.I. is ready to get to work on some unfinished business.

T.I. Makes a Bold Promise to Barack Obama in Passionate Open Letter

Baby Heiress Diana got a Benz for Christmas, what'd you get!?

Jingle Ballin': Check Out the Gift-Giving Celebrities Did This Christmas

Floyd seems to be a constant thorn in T.I.'s side.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and TIP Are Still Coming At Each Others Necks

T.I. has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump's, and while he is willing to accept the election results, he has a few thoughts on how to make everyone's voices heard.

T.I. Accepts Donald Trump As POTUS, But Not Without Dropping Vital Guidelines First