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12/02/2016 at 11:20. Facebook
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner! Sherryl Davies, your Col'Cacchio pizzeria voucher is coming your way!

As for the rest of you – get to Col’Cacchio pizzeria soon for a taste of TABASCO® flavoured awesomeness!
11/25/2016. Facebook
The TABASCO® Col'Cacchio pizzeria voucher giveaway is happening and you have exactly FIVE days left to enter!

All you have to do is: visit your nearest Col’Cacchio pizzeria, post a picture of you enjoying your favourite TABASCO® infused dish by commenting on this post bit.ly/TabascoColCacchioVoucherGiveaway and tell us what you liked about it to enter and WIN!
11/23/2016. Facebook
Did you know that you can eat spring rolls in summer?

That means you can make these light and tasty TABASCO® Summer Spring Rolls right now!

[ Facebook.com Link ]
11/21/2016. Facebook
If you still haven’t tasted the Col’Cacchio pizzeria TABASCO® infused dishes, what are you waiting for?

Try our TABASCO® infused dishes and you could WIN a Col’Cacchio pizzeria voucher valued at R350!

To enter, simply click on the link below and follow the steps: [ Bit.ly Link ]
11/18/2016. Facebook
Are your taste buds tingling for the tantalizing TABASCO® Sauce infused meals yet?
Then get to your nearest Col'Cacchio pizzeria and try one now. To make it even better, you could WIN one of three Col’Cacchio pizzeria vouchers to do it all over again!

To enter:

1. Visit any Col’Cacchio’s pizzeria restaurant near you.
2. Try out one of the dishes infused with TABASCO® Sauce: Affumicato,...
View details ⇨
11/17/2016. Facebook
TABASCO® and Col'Cacchio pizzeria are teaming up to bring you an explosion of flavour!

Look out for the TABASCO® Sauce infused deliciousness in store.
For meal vouchers and more, watch this space…
11/15/2016. Facebook
Make sure you get your veggie intake with this Spinach, Artichoke and TABASCO® Dip.

[ Facebook.com Link ]
11/07/2016. Facebook
It’s No-indoors-vember!

So stock up with TABASCO® Sauce and head for the sunny outdoors, starting your adventures armed with this tasty TABASCO® Pesto Pastrami Sarmie.

[ Facebook.com Link ]
10/26/2016. Facebook
Have you checked out our Tabasco Glazed Soft Pretzel Sticks recipe yet?

[ Facebook.com Link ]
10/21/2016. Facebook
Well done to Himeshnee Naidoo!
In true German style your socks and sandals pic has won you a beer mug filled with TABASCO®sauce!

You have 24 hours to inbox us your details.
10/20/2016. Facebook
We’re loving the socks and sandals pics!

Keep them coming with #TabascoOctoberFest to win this beer mug of TABASCO® sauce!
10/19/2016. Facebook
The month of October Fest means you can shamelessly wear socks with sandals in public.

So upload your socks and sandals pic with #TabascoOctoberFest and you could win a beer mug filled with TABASCO® sauce!
10/17/2016. Facebook
The month of October Fest means you can shamelessly wear socks with sandals in public. So upload your socks and sandals pic with #TabascoOctoberFest and you could win a beer mug filled with TABASCO® sauce!
10/16/2016. Facebook
If you haven’t been converted to the Germanic way of eating yet, try this Crunchy Kraut Dog with TABASCO®-infused Mustard Mayo.
10/13/2016. Facebook
You say October, we say October Fest! Try these German-inspired recipes with a TABASCO® “geschmack”! Like this Cheesy Bockwurst & Potato Skins with TABASCO®

(See Notes section for the full recipe)
10/04/2016. Facebook
Let the festivities continue with some deliciously decadent (but totally moreish) Braaibrooidjies.

A firm favourite and solid addition to any braai occasion: [ Facebook.com Link ]
10/03/2016. Facebook
Try asking for this uniquely South African sauce anywhere else in the world. We dare you.

Check out our recipe for Monkey Gland Sauce: [ Facebook.com Link ]
09/30/2016. Facebook
Good old South African Bobotie, with a TABASCO® twist.

See the full recipe here: [ Facebook.com Link ]
09/14/2016. Facebook
It doesn't get much better than South African cooking but this month we're adding a little Tabasco to some SA favourites. Try out this Garlic Tabasco Chakalaka with your boerewors!
08/13/2016. Facebook
It's not too late to vote for your favourite blogger recipe, like this Tabasco Spiced Breakfast Pizza by Pass The Salt Blog [ Passthesalt.co.za Link ] Like our page and share the Tabasco blogger recipe you like best. You stand a chance to win R10 000!