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GAMING STREAM NOW LIVE! Come hang on my Twitch channel with me
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Only a couple days left to receive this exclusive Patreon Print (Tier 3) !

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Thank you Twitter for an amazing day
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Streaming live from the Fnatic Bunkr !!!

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Brand new Kitty Kat Katarina image from Laughing Orc ❤ MEOW !!!!
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02/22/2017 at 10:03. Facebook

6 Day trophy build for Halo Wars 2 !
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02/21/2017 at 11:49. Facebook

Fnatic have invited me to stream from their Fnatic Bunkr this Friday !! Come down to London from 3pm to play games and hang ! ❤
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Photo by us, edit by the one and only Laughing Orc ❤

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Whatever you get up to I hope you have a fantastic day! Don't forget if you have a certain crush, let them know !
Our training course attendees are working so hard! I love teaching ! ❤
I hope everyone is having a great weekend ! ❤

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Free Valentine Card with every Print order this week on my Etsy store! <3
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Gaming stream is now live! Climbing ranks in Hearthstone ❤ Come hang!
I'M BACK!! Gaming stream now live

Link in comments !
FREE VALENTINE WITH EVERY PRINT ORDER THIS WEEK ❤ Including my brand new Misty print ^_^

Image by the one and only Laughing Orc !

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Just landed safely ❤ Already missing these crazy kids Enji Night Leon Chiro Cosplay Art and Elena Samko, thank you to everyone who made this convention awesome !!
...AND THAT' S A WRAP ! Day 3 was amazing. My feet are killing me, but it was worth it
Today has been non stop !! But still having a fantastic time with this lovely lady @enjinight ❤ Yes I forgot my body paint
A sneak peek of what we got up to today ❤
I have not stopped smiling today XD Having the best time with Leon Chiro Cosplay Art and Enji Night ❤