Taco Bell Canada
03/18/2017 at 17:05. Facebook
You won't be able to resist the savoury temptations of the #NakedChickenChalupa's chicken shell.
Natural born rebel with a chicken shell. #NakedChickenChalupa
With a shell made of crispy, all-white meat chicken, you might just get hooked on the #NakedChickenChalupa.
The chicken is the shell. Need we say more? #NakedChickenChalupa.
Is the #NakedChickenChalupa mind blowing? Just ask The Danocracy's brain.
The Naked Chicken Chalupa. Unlike anything you’ve seen before. Undoing all we know about shells.

Taco Bell Canada

Today's your last chance to enter for your chance to take the #TaCoat home by commenting on the video below. Craving even more delicious designs? Check out our amazing designer, Hayley Elsaesser.
The #NakedChickenChalupa has made its way to Canada. With an all-white meat crispy chicken shell, fresh veggies, and spicy ranch sauce, it’s diabolically delicious.
More layers to love with crunchy and soft shells, a layer of melted
cheese and mouthwatering sauce. #DoubleLayerTacos
The #TaCoat — insulated taco pockets and style that’s straight fire. It’s the best way to warm up a Canadian winter. Comment & Share for your chance to take it home! bit.ly/2mmHqSe
Have you and the Cool Chipotle Double Layer Taco met? Get to know each other here: bit.ly/2k4nMxk.
We’ve had this crush for a while. #ValentinesDay
Your number one, since day one. With your next combo, upgrade to Fries Supreme for free with your SPC Card.
Our fans have style. We loved their ideas so much... well, you'll see. And if you're hungry for more right away, take some coupons to tide you over. bit.ly/2kuGZF8
It’s like we’ve been looking for each other all our lives.
It’s Canada. It’s cold. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear a #TaCoat to keep warm? What would your #TaCoat look like?
All about ink, Brandon makes the finishing touches to the
When it comes to type, Troy’s King. Inspired by the Double Layer
Tacos, he doubled the impact on the #LayeredBillboard.
4 local artists, one totally unique billboard. Introducing the Layered
Billboard inspired by the new Double Layer Tacos.