Tacoma Rainiers
03/25/2017 at 21:34. Facebook
‪This kid just couldn't look more ready for baseball season. #WeROpen‬
Tacoma Rainiers
03/25/2017 at 21:19. Facebook
Taking it all in. Baseball is almost back, boys. #WeROpen
Tacoma Rainiers
03/25/2017 at 20:10. Facebook
Now, it's official. #WeROpen
Tacoma Rainiers
03/25/2017 at 17:49. Facebook
This afternoon, let's get in the spirit, have a little fun, and hopefully see your social media posts using #WeROpen up on the video board.
Tacoma Rainiers
03/24/2017 at 18:03. Facebook
1 PM. Tomorrow afternoon. Time to let the good times roll at R Preseason Party. #WeROpen
Tacoma Rainiers
03/23/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
If you're planning on spending spring and summer at R House, then it all starts at this Saturday's Pre-season Party. #WeROpen
Tacoma Rainiers
03/22/2017 at 17:54. Facebook
Any ticket. Any game. All of this & more will be waiting for you at this Saturday's Pre-Season Party. #WeROpen
It's R Party, and we'll cry if we want to... but we wont. Because it's going to be awesome. #BeThere
We're headed to Museum of Glass' annual slider shindig after Saturday's Pre-Season Party. How about you?

6th Annual Slider Cook-off

EVENT - facebook.com
The 6 awards our team collected at last week's Seattle ADDYs were the most given to a professional sports franchise. atmilb.com/2nLLnlb
Got big plans this weekend? Well, if you didn't, you certainly do now. #PreseasonParty
Congratulations to Kelsie! Kelsie was the first to arrive at Happy Belly restaurant + juice bar to grab this gift basket filled with freebies, including Home Run Derby tickets as part of the Triple-A All-Star Game coming in July! Stay tuned to see where Tacoma Rainiers Rhubarb ends up next month on the #NWhealthyTreasureHunt.

For contest rules, visit: [ Atmilb.com Link ]. CHI Franciscan and...
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Our world-class, in-house marketing team is bringing home SIX awards from the #SeattleADDYs tonight, including two Judges Awards!
‪Recognize this mural? Rhubarb will be stopping into a nearby location tomorrow afternoon. Be the first to arrive on-site and you could win a gift basket full of goodies, including Home Run Derby tickets as part of the CHI Franciscan Health Triple-A All-Star Game! Check back tomorrow for your next clue. #NWhealthyTreasureHunt‬
Rainiers fans, behold the leanest and greenest hat west of Ireland's sandy shores of Sneem. Available now in our team store. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Need green? These lucky little caps arrived in our team store just in time for The Feast of Saint Patrick. [ Bit.ly Link ]
We've seen them in all shapes and sizes, but one things for certain: there's just no baby like an R Baby.
You feel that little pep in your step this morning? That's baseball, and it's right around the corner.
‪James, a Rainiers fan from Auburn, got to take in a Mariners Spring Training game today down in Peoria! Nice hat, James. ‬
It's starting to feel a lot like baseball, which means it's time to Pre-Season Party on down to Cheney Stadium. R you ready?