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Trusted friends and reliable partners in progress, #MasseyFerguson #tractors from #TAFE are designed to deliver more every time, in everything they do!

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The #BigRedMachine - The #MasseyFerguson 9500 Super Shuttle Series #tractor is capable of performing everyday farm operations with ease and multiple other specialized applications including the backhoe and loader.

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The Massey Ferguson 9500 Super Shuttle Series - Loader Special

Introducing the new Massey Ferguson 9500 Super Shuttle Series - Loader Special from TAFE.

#Celebrating #1Million

Thank you all for encouraging us to achieve the #MILLION milestone; it was memorable and exciting and we look forward to your support as we continue to enrich lives and empower dreams of every #farmer in our journey of #CultivatingTheWorld.

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A stunner by itself, a tastefully done custom job on this #MasseyFerguson 245 makes it even better! What do you think?

#ILoveMF #TAFE - #CultivatingTheWorld

Photo: Masseyan Wale
India's favourite #tractor the #MF 1035 DI by TAFE was launched in 1988.

Here is an image from that momentous day.

#TAFE #CultivatingtheWorld
The big and powerful TAFE 1002 #tractor is a crowd favourite wherever it goes!

Displayed and much loved @ Sima-Sipsa, Algeria

#TAFE #CultivatingtheWorld
A custom paint job on the iconic #MasseyFerguson!
What will be your #caption for this beauty?

Photo Via: Massey ਤਾ Jatt ਦੀ Jaan ਆ
A '#tractor' to some, '#love at first sight' to others.
Happy #ValentinesDay!

#ILoveMF - #TAFE #CultivatingTheWorld!

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Two eras. Two magnificent machines. Yet, the same best friend to farmers, across generations. #MasseyFerguson tractors from #TAFE - #CultivatingTheWorld

Now, this is a sight to behold!

Photo via: Masseyan Wale
Clue: Pair your #MasseyFerguson #Tractor with this #farm #implement for a perfectly leveled field.

Can you guess the implement attached to this #MF tractor? Post your answers in the comments section.

Photo Via: Masseyan Wale
"In passion and toil,
In sun and soil.
Man and machine,
Reaping gold from green."

Check out this song which will surely be playing in the heads of all those who love TAFE, much after you've heard it!

TAFE Cultivating the World Theme Song

Presenting the TAFE Cultivating the World Theme Song. The song, lyrics and video are owned by Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE). All rights reserved...


#1. The 39 HP Massey Ferguson 1035 DI TONNER has been designed to cater to customers who make substantial use of their tractors for various #haulage purposes apart from #agricultural applications.

#2. The flat rear housing of the TONNER, equipped with a rugged company fitted hitch and hydraulic trailer pipe ensures secure hitching even...
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The #ShowStopper – The #MasseyFerguson 2635 in its truest essence and scaled to perfection (1:32 scale model), get this exclusive and genuine #collectible NOW! [ Link ]
We understand that to #farmers, their #tractors and and #farm equipment are not mere machines - they are trusted friends, key to their prosperity, expectations and hopes.

#TAFE - #CultivatingTheWorld since 1960.

Photo: Narasimha Reddy‎
Times Food Awards & Times Nightlife Awards 2017 Mumbai: Find best restaurants, bars & clubs in Mumbai. Best dining and party places in Mumbai

Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2017 Mumbai
The #AgriStar #PowerHarrow from #TAFE - a primary #tillage #equipment which is strong, sturdy and among the toughest implements in the #ploughing category, it is best suited for hard soil conditions. It #ploughs to a greater depth with fine tilth and levels efficiently in just one pass. It can be used directly on barren land, making it feasible for #cultivation, prior and after rains.

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AgriStar Power Harrow from TAFE
Join us as we welcome Ravi Gaidher from Abohar, #Punjab, #India to our ever-growing family of about 2 Million customers, who trust TAFE in their journey of #CultivatingTheWorld!

#TAFE #MasseyFerguson #MF #Tractors

The world loves the #TAFE 45 DI - A reliable performer you can depend on, for in and around the #farm applications as well #haulage. Click here for #tractor specs and enquiries: [ Link ].

NOTE: Available in select overseas markets | Photo courtesy: AgriBuy
Growth. Prosperity. Abundance. A signature TAFE TRIBE product, this elegant ceramic mug symbolizes the culture of #CultivatingTheWorld.

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