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Power is something we all demand, anytime, anywhere.
The AHOKU EEC-210 lets you power up every gadget you got, while you drive!

The unique design includes a retractable cigarette lighter socket charger, one AC universal outlet, and two USB outputs, so you never have to worry about which appliance to charge first.

And the retractable cigarette lighter adapter makes the unit super portable and...
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【 The Caregiver 】

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
–someone who is considerate and think ahead

There is a type of person who is focused and warm, and always thinks ahead about needs not yet discovered by people.

They are capable of providing services required even before others asked for them.
Empathetic and considerate powers are the fertile soil for the budding of...
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Head courageously towards the future, as we all need to constantly create new value!

Taiwan Excellence has organized 6 types of innovative key characteristics according to Tom Kelley’s bestseller – The Ten Faces of Innovation, and we invite you to live the attitude of innovation!

①The Anthropologist / Deep observation
– someone who is good at observations

②The Experimenter / Keep trying
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Say farewell to that windshield mount that's always blocking your view.
Now your drive recorder can be seamlessly integrated into your rear view mirror!

Meet the MiVue R25:
- An F1.8 aperture lens that delivers brighter images and helps capture a wide range of details even in dark conditions.
- Six high-sensitivity glass lenses let in more light than devices with plastic lenses, so the MiVue...
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The Dragon Headlamp from Eagle Eyes is inspired by the shape of a traditional Chinese dragon. The headlamp's light bars have three layered rays of light resembling a dragon boat, and the LED background lighting generates a three-dimensional visual.

The layered LED design reduces power consumption, which can extend the life of the Dragon Headlamp nearly five-fold.

In addition, the near/far...
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The GPSmile is an All-in-One portable GPS navigation device, with built-in HD car recorder.

The Holux GPSmile 6762D can plan your trip, guide you along the correct routes, and record clear images of your journey, all at once, all the time.

It can also play back pictures through its digital picture frame function.

The high performance processor simultaneously supports route navigation and...
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The Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 secures your smartphone on either your windshield or your dashboard.

With its innovative, flexible mounting system, you can easily rotate it 360 degrees to position your smartphone at precisely the angle you want.

The extension bracket (3.5 inches wide) holds your smartphone directly even without a case. And the Xtand Go Z1 includes catch-all residue-free Go...
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The Adata RC300 dash recorder. There are so many reasons your car should be equipped with this awesome car recorder:

First, the RC300 dash recorder contains a high-quality 6G+1 lens, which helps maintain full HD 1080p recording. And storage can be expanded up to 128 GB via microSDXC.

What's more, its F/2.0 large aperture enables you to record your travels in low-light environments, and the...
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The most gripping tire to truly deliver the optimum driving experience.

Evolved from the legendary 595RS-R, the Federal Tyres 595RS-RR has proven its invincible advanced features on the renowned Tsukuba Circuit in Japan!

Tire grooves with wide angle design improve the consistency and rigidity of the tread blocks, delivering an exceptional grip. In addition, even stiffness on both center and...
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The Klever H/T from Kenda is a tire specially engineered for SUVs, offering optimum performance. The solid center rib delivers great fuel economy and excellent handling capacity.

3 features of the Klever H/T :
- Double steel-belted construction gives it a long road life and uniform wear.
- An additional layer improves pressure stability.
- Extra-strength cap tread and bead toe.

The Kenda...
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【More innovation, more discoveries, at AAPEX 2016】

There are so many cutting-edge tech products from Taiwan to enhance the performance of cars. Want to learn more?

Visit the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at AAPEX 2016!

We'll be showcasing innovative products from Taiwan's many great automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) takes...
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DrivePro 520 is an ideal dual lens car video recorder that provides its drivers and passengers with optimum protection.

The 180° rotatable rear lens comes with four Infrared LEDs, allowing users to record sharp in-car videos at night or in low light conditions. In the event of a collision, the DrivePro 520's motion G-Sensor will detect the impact and instantly trigger emergency recording...
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Fas Wrench II, the new ratcheting adjustable wrench from Proxene Tools, made with high-quality chrome vanadium.

This adjustable wrench features an innovative ratcheting function. The magic button lets you select either regular or ratcheting mode. (Switch to the right side for ratchet mode, to the left for regular use.)

Fas Wrench II offers much greater efficiency than conventional...
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"Glory of Dark Knight" headlights write a new chapter in elegant design. These brilliant headlights catch everyone’s eyes with their seductive chromed water-tank trim strips extended to comet-like LED driving light bars. Outlined by silver, white and black streamlines, they make the entire vehicle look dynamic and sleek.

Glory of Dark Knight is designed with high-efficiency LEDs to enhance...
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With its innovative, adjustable alloy handle, the Spinning Impact Extension is the perfect tool when you need to tighten or loosen long fasteners in hard to reach places. And it empower you to do it in 15% less time.

There are three reasons why you should own a Spinning Impact Extension:

- The patented, specially designed sliding Aluminum collar with knurled handle allows you to get a quick...
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New“Service Award” in the Taiwan Excellence Awards

Firms wins “Service Award” means it creates value for customers and provides excellent customer service.

The winners of the Taiwan Excellence Service Award each excel in providing service.

For example , Tatung Co. has had remarkable performance in customer service. Especially in improving "service promptness" in regard to customer...
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