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Taiwan Excellence
yesterday at 10:00. Facebook
The Hurdler

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who is brave to challenge obstacles

There is a type of people who will not be afraid of the difficulties and be brave to take on challenges even when knowing that the road to innovation is packed with obstacles.

Are you also someone who is brave to take on challenging the difficulties?

Accept the challenge to...
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Taiwan Excellence
12/06/2016 at 13:40. Facebook
The Experimenter

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who dares to attempt.

There is a type of people who never cease trying due to failures, but rather get inspired from the process of making mistakes, thereby creating innovations.

Which animal does the fur in the picture on the right represents?

Try and search each item to find out the correct answer!...
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Become the 6 types of people who bring about innovations
– someone who is good at observations

There is a type of people who can perceive the details,
can always introduce new lessons and new perspectives via meticulous observations, thereby introducing innovations.

Do you own the character for good observations?

Look very carefully at the Bear in the center, observe the gif picture,...
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Head courageously towards the future, as we all need to constantly create new value!

Taiwan Excellence has organized 6 types of innovative key characteristics according to Tom Kelley’s bestseller – The Ten Faces of Innovation, and we invite you to live the attitude of innovation!

1.The Anthropologist / Deep observation
– someone who is good at observations
2.The Experimenter / Keep trying...
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If you’re a movie fan, quit spending lavishly on movies when you can invest in the Optoma HD28DSE that can serve you as a home entertainment projector! It is small, light, not expensive and delivers a reasonably good image quality for 2D and 3D movies. Its main feature is the Darbee Visual Presence technology that is designed to extract extraordinary levels of lighting and object separation....
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Make children’s learning life more interesting by stimulating their minds through interactive learning. The latest Mozbii’s first colour picking stylus is a great way to promote this! The kids get to explore the world of colors, learn the condition of the object and its colors and then draw and create it on the tablets. Our app allows them to learn, draw, pronounce and also to share to...
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Lustrous’ slim type AC XOB module is a new favorite LED lighting out in the market. It revolves around the concept of energy saving, environmental protection without compromising on its quality at providing pleasant lighting. Its minimal appearance can effectively reduce fixture development cost and saves a lot of time during the assembly process. Light up your lives with these mini multi LED...
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Reward yourself with your family or your partner by unwinding at home with a glass of your favorite wine. Taiwan Excellence would like to introduce the Vinaera’s MV6, the world's First Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator/Dispenser. Its elegant modern design is ideal for home or restaurant usage and provides more than 6 times the aeration effect compared to the standard funnel style aerators. You...
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Long and stressful hours at work, a place where you spend more time than at home, its absolutely important that you make the environment as comfortable as you can to increase productivity at work. Treat yourself to a Ucushion which is not only comfortable but helps to release that immense pressure off your back allowing you to sit up straight comfortably for hours on end. Long term use of the...
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For all those music lovers, lets catch a glimpse of the Yantouch EyE Pair Bluetooth Speaker that emphasizes on it’s lighting aspects featuring numerous color variations. This solid portable speaker offers clean sound without having to burn a hole in your pocket. It is also known as a “portable romantic lifestyle speaker”, as you can pair two Eyes to bring a balanced stereo sound with minimal bass.
Congratulations to the winners of this weeks #LuckBox.
- Pradeep Mishra
- Yogesh
#TaiwanExcellence #Winners #Prizes #InfinitiMallMalad #VivianaMallThane
In view of improving our everyday lifestyle and at the same time increasing the awareness for energy conservation, we are bringing forward the SWAROVSKI Energy-Saving Water Dispenser, LC-7572. As the name a states, this model is adorned with Swarovski crystals that increase the overall sophistication of the product itself. The product is equipped with a leaking detector which automatically...
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As more and more people get bitten by the travel bug these days, it’s essential to keep light and travel light for all your convenience sake. Presenting to you the Opro9’s FMP001 which is a 3in1 Carry Finder Power Bank with 1000mAH External Battery Charger , Anti-lost and Found tracking to help locate your mobile phone, and a Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter Controller for iPhone/ iPad which...
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The HD720 is a Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof External Hard Drive which comes in multiple eye-catching colours. It’s ultra-durable and has a fantastic sporty design. Comes in 500gb, 1tb and 2tb of memory.
#TaiwanExcellence #TEBooth #Gadgets #Electronics #Technology #Adata #HardDisk
PT100 Power Bank offers high-capacity 10000mAh charging with two USB outlets. Now charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously and quickly. The PT100 also comes with a handy LED flashlight to light up your mobile life!

#TaiwanExcellence #TEBooth #Gadgets #Electronics #Technology #PortableCharger #Adata
The BatMat Gaming Mousepad (IW-BatMat) looks awesome, feels awesome and simply is awesome! It's sleek and innovative style enriches one's gaming experience.
#TaiwanExcellence #TEBooth #Gadgets #Mousepad #GamingMousePad
Have you ever misplaced your phone and couldn't find it at home? Now never go to the trouble of searching, just a single click from the Carry Finder and presto your phones on the coffee maker.

#TaiwanExcellence #TEBooth #Gadgets #Electronics #Technology #FindMyMobile #NeverLoseItAgain
Be it at homes, or public places like universities or hospitals, LCW’s LC-91076 water dispenser is an appropriate choice of dispenser. Featuring an extra-large panel of LED display for cold/warm and hot water temperature display, this dispenser has been designed for consumers to have a user-friendly experience. It also features a re-boiling button and its power is automatically cut off when...
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Taiwan Excellence would like to wish everyone a very Happy Diwali.
#TaiwanExcellence #Diwali #festival
It’s a good thing to standby a blood pressure monitor at home for families with elderlies at home. Taiwan Excellence would like to bring to you the Karma’s BP-3AQ1-2P which is an automatic blood pressure monitor loaded with Fuzzy logic technology for more accurate readings. It's clinically tested by BHS (British Hypertension Society) and features Pulse Arrhythmia detection (PAD) technology....
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