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Any ardent gamer would know that in a battle when the stakes are too high and the skills are equally matched, the only vantage propelling you towards triumph is a dependable weapon. And that's exactly what Thermaltake India Versa N21 is, a gaming force waiting to be unleashed! With its top of the line features, Verse N21 is an ideal choice for any gamer worth his salt!

So if you are game...
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Taiwan Excellence
01/15/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
At Convergence India 2017, Taiwan Excellence will showcase over 100 award wining products manufactured by some the leading Taiwanese brands. Apart from path-breaking innovation and leading-edge design, exceptional utility is the hallmark of these products.

Visit us at Hall 11, C11 between February 8th & February 10th and experience the technological marvels of Taiwan Excellence.
Taiwan Excellence
01/12/2017 at 04:27. Facebook
Experience the technological marvels of Taiwan Excellence at Convergence India 2017.

Taiwan Excellence
01/12/2017 at 04:09. Facebook
Now scan, save and send documents to multiple destinations on-the-spot without the hassles of an IT set-up! Revolutionary? We think so! Equipped with a 7 Inch LCD touch screen, Plustek Inc India's eScan A150 is a standalone scanner that is an ideal companion for those constantly on the move.

We are showcasing this and many more Taiwan Excellence Award Winning products at Convergence India...
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Want to see what Taiwan Excellence launch in CES 2017 ?

Join us and see our live broadcasting on Facebook and YouTube. You will find out Taiwan's innovative ICT technology from Delta, ITRI, KYMCO, Thermaltake ans ASUS.

Live Time: 18:00-19:15 (GMT-8)
See the live stream here> [ Goo.gl Link ]
Happy New Year!

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Photo Credit: Taipei 101
【Taiwan Excellence x Taipei 101 New Year Countdown】

Which 2017 New Year countdown fireworks display is on the top of your list?
Taipei 101’s New Year fireworks display is one of the most popular New Year countdown events in the world!
Welcome to Taipei to embrace year 2017 and enjoy a wonderful New Year’s vacation. Recommended itinerary includes the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, where you can...
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If you are surrounded by tech savvy peers or friends, we’ve also got you covered! The plug-and-play MT1195 is compatible with all Android devices of all major brands in the market and is the smallest barcode scanner with only half the size of a thumb making it extremely portable to carry around wherever you travel. To add on, this neat compact design protects the micro USB from dust making it...
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We’ve heard you and yes we’ve got something for gamers in this festive period as well! The SHOCK 3D 7.1 headset offers users true in-game immersion via enhanced 3D virtualized surround sound. This piece is one of its first and the best in the market that offers a 360° feel! You may even fine tune the sound for any games and what’s great is that the microphone automatically mutes itself when...
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Travelling for work is hectic as it is and having to carry all those work related equipment could increase all that unnecessary hassle! Why not get yourself something as portable as the MiCube that comes in a mere weight of 800 grams and saves you all the time to scan your important documents to any workplace! Working life is tough but it’s your choice to make it all worthwhile!

Click on the...
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This popular air seat cushion in the Japanese market can be an ideal gift for any family members or friends who are in a working industry and needs to put up long hours at work in front of the computer screen. KN-013 is the only commercially available adjustable cushion that can be adjusted in four different heights to relieve excess stress from one’s waist and spine to promote good spinal...
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The Storyteller

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who is skilled in telling stories to touch people’s hearts.

There is a type of person who is good at observations and is even better at expressing themselves.
They will charmingly tell their stories after they have digested them and added a new touch to them.
The character in the picture is acting mysteriously...
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The Collaborator

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who is good at integrating groups.

There is a type of person who is bold with a strong will,
and specializes in gathering the group and discovering other people’s good qualities, as well as recruiting people to strive together for the same goal.
With the combination of members from multi-fields, the result...
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Taiwan Excellence

More and more people do gardening as their hobby nowadays. We have also come up with a unique idea of selecting the appropriate gift for this group of people and that is the Justime’s Hose Bib which is designed from the concept of the letter “Y”. This principle utilizes the minimum strength of the users when they push the sprayer. This is definitely going to make gardening much more enjoyable...
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Festive season is around the corner, and you are fretting to find that perfect gift for your friend who teaches or who has to give presentations to his fellow peers? We have just the right idea for you without having to burn a hole in your pocket! Get the Dr. board DB-02C portable interactive whiteboard that turns the existing board into an interactive digital board! It can be applied both in...
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The Hurdler

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who is brave to challenge obstacles

There is a type of people who will not be afraid of the difficulties and be brave to take on challenges even when knowing that the road to innovation is packed with obstacles.

Are you also someone who is brave to take on challenging the difficulties?

Accept the challenge to...
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The Experimenter

Become the 6 types of people who introduce innovations
– someone who dares to attempt.

There is a type of people who never cease trying due to failures, but rather get inspired from the process of making mistakes, thereby creating innovations.

Which animal does the fur in the picture on the right represents?

Try and search each item to find out the correct answer!...
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Become the 6 types of people who bring about innovations
– someone who is good at observations

There is a type of people who can perceive the details,
can always introduce new lessons and new perspectives via meticulous observations, thereby introducing innovations.

Do you own the character for good observations?

Look very carefully at the Bear in the center, observe the gif picture,...
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Head courageously towards the future, as we all need to constantly create new value!

Taiwan Excellence has organized 6 types of innovative key characteristics according to Tom Kelley’s bestseller – The Ten Faces of Innovation, and we invite you to live the attitude of innovation!

1.The Anthropologist / Deep observation
– someone who is good at observations
2.The Experimenter / Keep trying...
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If you’re a movie fan, quit spending lavishly on movies when you can invest in the Optoma HD28DSE that can serve you as a home entertainment projector! It is small, light, not expensive and delivers a reasonably good image quality for 2D and 3D movies. Its main feature is the Darbee Visual Presence technology that is designed to extract extraordinary levels of lighting and object separation....
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