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Would you rather have a cheese advent calendar or a chocolate one, TaBers? [ Itv.com Link ]

Could this be the world's first cheese advent calendar?

Jamie Oliver has faced criticism for letting his older children watch their mum give brith recently. Daughter Poppy, 14, even cut the cord. He says it's only controversial to strange people. Do you think it's a good idea to have children at the birth, TaBers?
Under 35s are giving up on home cooking and ordering pizza ten times a month! How often do you have takeaway, TaBers? [ Dailymail.co.uk Link ]

The takeaway generation who order pizza ten times a month

In support of #StayWellThisWinter

Don't let a cough or cold ruin Christmas. Get advice from a pharmacist at the first sign of a winter illness. Learn more nhs.uk/staywell

Staywell - home

Goodnight, TaBers!
A third of Brits want their social media accounts to be maintained by a friend or relative after they die and leave instructions to do it. We can't believe this, TaBers! Would you do it?
Can you spot the elf?
A school has banned pupils from putting up their hands to answer questions in class, instead teachers will use other methods to ensure all children are challenged. Headteacher Barry Found said it was always the same hands going up and it didn’t help other children. Do you think this is a good idea?
Do you agree with this, TaBers? 15% of people say watching their favourite TV show end is like breaking up with their partner and almost one in five say they feel lost when their favourite show finishes!
Brits spend around three years updating social media, but only spend a year down the pub. What do you prefer doing, TaBers?
Good morning everyone and a happy TaBday to you all! Have you got your brand new issue of Take a Break yet? It's packed with stories, puzzles and prizes worth £28,093. This week, pregnant Mikaela is about to get wed but a week before the big day her fiancé drops a bombshell. He's leaving her - but why? Plus, find out what happened when Suzy took her daughter's baby, and why Betty wanted her...
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Goodnight, TaBers