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A card firm is calling for Mother’s Day to be re-named Mum’s Day because that’s what most of us call our mothers.
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Brits spend 53 days a year in front of the TV. But most of us do something else while viewing.
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Brits spend nearly two months a year binge watching TV shows.
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Has your pet ever ruined something when you turned your back? Post your pictures below.

Pet owner returns home to find a trail of destruction left by her dog
Children should be taught how to talk and communicate well with others to prevent relationship break-ups later in life, researchers say.
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Has your child ever got stuck in something? Post your snaps below.

These kids let curiosity run away with them and ended up in some baffling spots
Parents give kids their first phone at the age of three, a poll found.
What do you think is the right age to give a child a phone?
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