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What do you think about this, TaBers?
Parents of children who throw temper tantrums in class should be considered potential abusers or guilty of neglect, according to new official guidelines.
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Win a pair of bmi regional return flights
This man fell in love with the voice of a woman who accidentally rang him. He spent a year tracking her down, found out she was 82 then married her!
Did you meet your partner in a bizarre way?

Man, 28, marries woman, 82, who rang him by mistake a year ago
What do you think about this TaBers? Would you stop a mum from screaming at her child in the street?

Would you stop a mother from screaming at her child?
Half of Brits go vegetarian two days a week.
Do you? What are your reasons?
These made us chuckle! Tell us about any signs like this that you've spotted.

You don't say! Entirely pointless signs from around the world
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Sugar Puffs' Honey Monster is to be replaced by a cartoon character! The cereal will also reduce its sugar 25%.
Awards season reaches its heady crescendo on Sunday...and puzzle fans with a passion for film will love a new Oscars-themed quiz that is foxing the internet.

Oscars-themed puzzle asks film fans to spot famous dresses
We're excited for this Love Actually sequel. What film do you wish had a follow up?

Love Actually cast to reunite for a special sequel in aid of Red Nose Day
An army of grandparents are providing £16billion of free childcare every year so mums and dads can go out to work, a poll has found.
Do you rely on parents on grandparents for childcare?
Apparently only 1% of people can see it! Can you?

Can YOU spot the hidden harp in this tricky puzzle?