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By our very own #TalenthouseArtist Doodle Artist Shruti Mehta
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Dancing in the light by #TalenthouseIndia Artist Lizzie Pentland
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Shiva by #TalenthouseIndia Artist Bhanu Jain #mahashivratri
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Milind Soman The Ultraman!
Setting fitness goals for all the youngster..
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Har Har Mahadev!
May Lord Shiva showers his blessings on everyone. #महाशिवरात्रि Happy Mahashivratri.
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Are you a photographer??
Showcase your Photography skills for INDIA PHOTO DIARIES
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"Halnakar Woods"
Clicked by #TalenthouseIndia Artist Angie Aird
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Doodle your heart out !!<3
Amaaaaaazing artwork!
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Express the unique #culture and #diversity of our #nation through your #photography!
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All graphic designers, sketchers, pencil artists, art enthusiasts & anyone with a creative flair to send their Doodle artwork on INDIA
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Check out the difference how girls deal with break up in Bihar and in Mumbai.
Alok Shukla
Click here- [ Youtube.com Link ]

GKG vs DC Breakup

Breakup is same but the reaction is different from Bihar to Mumbai. Please like Share and comment.

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Good Vibes Only !!Echoes in Delhi Cafe by Special people
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Run right here, big #waterfall. #artwork by #TalenthouseIndia Artist Kostya Nero
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NO PARES by #TalenthouseIndia Artist #Argentinian Gastón Drogo
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Congratulations #RajkummarRao #AmitMasurkar
#Newton has won the Art Cinema award for the Forum section at #Berlinale.

‘Newton’ Featuring Rajkummar Rao Gets A Standing Ovation At Berlin Film Festival

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Talenthouse India is inviting photographers to submit photographs of iconic places in India, clicked in a unique manner, capturing the essence of India
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To celebrate the exuberant culture of India;Talenthouse India is inviting all #graphicdesigners, #sketchers, #pencilartists, #art #enthusiasts & anyone with a creative flair to send their #Doodle #artwork on #INDIA as a broad #theme
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