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It's not worth having a grudge against someone.
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Tahajud prayer <3
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The Lord of Peace.
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Hand over all your matters to the One who is in control of all matters.
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This is so cute! MashaAllah
May Allah bless this ummah with children who love and practice the Quran.
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Thanking people is a key part of our deen.
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Visiting 15th century Topkapi palace which holds precious Islamic relics. There is an incredible amount of Islamic history in Turkey May Allah protect and preserve the land!
One of my favourite duas :)
Jumu'a Mubarak from Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul.
One of the most beautiful places on earth!
Medina ❤
Ponder over this...
"The ocean is so breathtakingly beautiful. But just as it is beautiful, it is also deadly. The same spellbinding waves, which we appreciate from the shore, can kill us if we enter them. Water, the same substance necessary to sustain life, can end life, in drowning. And the same ocean that holds ships afloat can shatter those ships to pieces.
This worldly life, the dunya, is just like the...
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Six facts about Jesus straight from the Quran!

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Meet the Australian Sheikh that surfs.

Muslims must BOYCOTT Delta Airlines.

They will pay for discriminating against Muslims.