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To everyone trying to get famous on Facebook....

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Fajr reminders...
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Did you think that you were created in play and that you would not be returned to Us?

Quran 23:115
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Never take this for granted...
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For all those going through hardship in life....
This is how Muslim women should respond to the Hijab Ban!
This is a Turkish man who walks around offering free Qur'an lessons for everyone. His bag writes that he can come teach lessons at home or workplaces.

"Why does he look so sad? What is it that saddens you? Is it our abandonment of the Qur'an that makes it difficult for you to find students and weighs heavy on your heart? Or is it our lack of support for our teachers that makes it difficult to...
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Beware of following the crowd...
Five character traits we all must avoid.
Allah wants Paradise for us...

It's up to us.
If only we knew this Islam...

In the creation of Allah there are signs.
Just stop and listen.