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This was a dua I constantly made in 2015. I wanted to perform Hajj so bad, that year. If you asked me in January that year, I'd tell you all odds were against me. I barely had any money saved, no proper job and spots were full in various Hajj organisations. But Allah's plan for me was bigger. In February, Allah blesses me with a full time, well paying job. I was new to the job and soon had to...
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Basketball team in America wears shirts saying "I am a Muslim".

He hated Muslims - until he actually met some.

Sent to spread peace.
Breathtaking sunset today in Australia. So so so beautiful. Glory and Praise be to You, Allah, The Most High.
Muslim man fosters terminally ill children.

This is the Islam I know.
The mosques are packed for #VisitMyMosque in UK.

Muslim babies killed in Burma...

Oh Allah save them, we have none but You.

Rohingya babies and children 'being slaughtered with knives', UN warns
The apple of his ﷺ eye. #prayer
Respect Tyrese Gibson.
By Allah.
To the highest of Paradise.

Verily with hardship is ease.

Quran 94:6
"You have to take out their families." Donald J. Trump

May Allah grant her Jannah.

US soldiers shoot and kill 8-year-old girl in Yemen
Killed while praying in Quebec.

This is terrorism against Muslims.
The greatest Jihad.