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Dying means to want something very much. It is commonly used in this way, so it is important to learn. The last sentence makes it even more interesting because it uses the word "dying" differently.

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We just created 200 Beginner level English conversation lessons and 200 Beginner Business conversations lessons.

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What are homophones and why are they tricky?
Homophones are words that are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.
A "press release" helps companies communicate special events to the general public. You can practice your English by reading our new press release.

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Watch this short video and learn how to speak English from the beginning. This was created in a step by step way so it is very easy to learn English.

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basic english beginner

This video will explain how to study English so you can improve your English speaking, English listening, and even your reading. We will show you an app and ...

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- All the lessons were created in a step-by-step method, starting with the easiest words, easiest grammar points, and easiest sentences, and then slowly introducing harder words to make it easier to learn.
- We do not...
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English Grammar Book with 138 lessons, quizzes, points, and medals. FREE for download!

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English for Kids

Age is one of the most important factors in language learning. Starting early will give them a higher chance of success. This app will teach your child the English language in a safe and fun way.

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Here are some of the features in this free app:

- Audio files to help listening skills
- Text to help reading skills
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This app will teach your child the English language in a safe and fun way. There are thousands of images to help with vocabulary, audio files for listening, and recording feature for speaking practice.

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English Conversation Listening App.

You can play conversations while your phone's screen is off just like a media player. You don't need to click on sentences or have your phone constantly on. Now immerse yourself in English with this app.

-- Listen to different speeds (3 speeds for each conversation)
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-- Create playlists
-- Listen for hours
-- Script...
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Great listening app to help your English listening!

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Great list of common mistakes!
[ambiguous] adjective. unclear; vague; having several possible meanings or interpretations

example 1: Why is the picture ambiguous and unclear?

example 2: What does this sentence mean: "I saw a man on a hill with a telescope." Why is it ambiguous

Please do not be afraid of getting a wrong answer. Practice what you study! Write your comments below.

[success] noun. to achieve something you set out to do; accomplishing your purpose; attaining popularity or profit

adjective: successful
verb: succeeded
adverb: successfully

example 1: I am studying hard to be financially successful
example 2: She has successfully completed all of her course requirements
example 3: John succeeded in passing the difficult...
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Learn the word, read the examples, then create one of your own.

[BENEVOLENT] adjective. characterized by kind or good

1. The benevolent king shared his food with the common people.
2. He had a very kind face with a benevolent smile.
3. I don't think it is possible to be both selfish and benevolent.
4. It is not surprising to see random acts of kindness from a benevolent...
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Learn the word, read the examples, then create one of your own.

[EXPEDITE] verb. make something happen sooner or accomplish more quickly

1. Alcohol consumption expedites your aging process.

2. If you want to improve English, you need to expedite your learning process.

3. We are already late, so we need to expedite the package delivery.