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Yay! Talking Hank FINALLY took my style hints seriously! Check out the 10 new outfits in #MyTalkingHank: [ Link ]
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Talking Hank and I had so much fun with fashion this week! We even threw a little runway show... ;) [ Link ]
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Hey, #LittleKitties! Don’t miss my first LIVE Funstream! ❤ And remember to download my super cute app, My Talking Angela: [ Link ]
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Don’t miss your chance to join in on all the baking fun in My Talking Angela! The cakes are limited edition… as all the best things are… ;)
Psst! Do you want a sneak peek behind the scenes of our show?! Thought so! Check out these super talented guys: [ Link ] #TalkingFriends
Do you know what my new motto is? EAT CAKE ALL DAY! And with all these amazing in My Talking Angela at the moment, I totally can! [ Link ]
Here’s another pic from my amazing trip with my valentine… Did you have a totally romantic day with your sweetheart?!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Kitties! I’M SO HAPPY! I’m in Paris with Talking Tom! Dream come true. Hope you’re having a magical day, too!
<3 Hey, #LittleKitties! I NEED YOUR HELP! I’m thinking about making a fashion video, but I can’t decide between these two sketches. Which one you like best, A or B? <3
After all that yummy cake, I’m having a super healthy, super relaxing home spa day. After all, a girl’s gotta look her best… It’s ❤ Valentine’s Day ❤ next week! Eep!
Hey, #LittleKitties! We’ve got some exciting news to share… Season 2 is coming soon! Can’t wait! #TalkingFriends
As you can probably tell, I’m TOTALLY into baking at the moment. But what’s not to like?! Which do you like best? A, B, or C?! Yum, yum, YUM!
How many stickers have you collected in the new My Talking Angela update so far? This is one of my faves! Isn’t baking just SO MUCH FUN!?
Awww! Check out what Talking Hank sent me from Hawaii for my birthday! ❤ He must be having so much fun. This pic is making me want to go play his app [ Link ] #MyTalkingHank
I know it’s *not* my birthday anymore… but I just can’t enough of all these amazing cakes! They’re SOOOOO tasty! Check them out in the new My Talking Angela app update!
I had SUCH an amazing birthday! Your messages were all so sweet, #LittleKitties! As a thank you, I made a super special app update for My Talking Angela! It’s got new stickers and all kinds of sweet treats…
WOOHOO! It’s my BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate, I made this little video… Hope you like it! ;) [ Link ]
Guess what, Little Kitties?! It’s my BIRTHDAY this week! SO EXCITING ! What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate your birthdays? I like to bake lots of yummy cakes!
Who’s in the mood for a story?! I can never resist a good fairy tale. Or in this case, should I say… ;) puppy tale?! [ Link ]
Happy Lunar New Year! <3