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Throughout life there will always be challenges. My inner strength lies in rising above them and choosing to be happy. With the U.N. Foundation’s Girl Up partnership with Special K, we're trying to narrow the strength gap! Helping women to reach their full potential and embrace their own strength. For more information visit [ Bit.ly Link ] #ad

What is your inner strength? #StrongFeedsStrong...
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Tamera Mowry
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Tamera Mowry
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#traintown with the kiddos. Aden insisted he wear his rain boots and Ariah insisted that her brother stop touching her.
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Tamera Mowry
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This is how my brother Tav is 90 percent of the time at my house
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#fbf "You are special" were the words my Grandmother Cloretha Richardson told me at 19 years old. " Never forget who's you are. You are the child of the most high. Some people will love you for it. Some will not. But keep speaking your truth." Grandma. I will never forget those loving yet powerful words. If you watch the Real you know I speak about my morals, values, and my truth daily. Many...
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Playing with water tables is how we roll
These thighs tho I just want to eat them up.
Date night is so important..Here's why: [ Bit.ly Link ]
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
This stud is joining me on The Real today...don't miss it ☺
Disneyland with two littles...We survived. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Sharing my top skincare moves to make in your 30s... But it's never too early to take care of your skin <3 [ Bit.ly Link ]

Skincare In Your 30s - Tamera Mowry

#flashbackfriday My cuddler. My firstborn. My ❤ My sweet lil Aden.
Disney girl. See more pics from our family trip: [ Bit.ly Link ]
One of the biggest blessings about being a momma is always being a mother no matter what age! I can still cradle and rock my four year old to sleep.
He refused to leave the park! You can only imagine how the ride home went #Disney
She's a natural...[ Bit.ly Link ]
#TBT to my baby shower for Ariah. Loved this day. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Our Baby Shower Recap - Tamera Mowry