Tank Juice Bar
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Congrats to @thirtyfitandfab! Your next family trip to TANK will be on us with the $50 voucher we'll get out to you! Want to get your hands on a free voucher? Post your best selfie with one of our in-store selfie stations to Instagram and make sure to tag @tankjuicenz- we'll re post our favourite pic next Friday!
Tank Juice Bar
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Best of luck getting back in the action this Saturday Beaudy!
Tank Juice Bar
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Pop quiz: you can only drink the All Berry or the TANK Carribbean smoothies for the rest of your life. Which do you choose and why? Best answer will get a $20 gift card coming their way.
Massive shoutout to @chloejessica__ for this awesome pic! A $50 voucher is on its way to you! Want in on the action? Take a pic with our selfie station in store, post it to Instagram, tag @tankjuicenz, and you'll be in the draw to win next weeks voucher.
The almond. This little beauty is absolutely packed with protein, which is critical for muscle repair. Not only that, they’re also filled with fiber, which helps keep you full for longer!
It’s the week of national Japan Day - so why not celebrate by coming in and getting your hands on a TANK Tokyo?
A massive congrats to @nina.sutton! She’s scored a $50 gift voucher by taking our favourite photo at our selfie stations this week! Get in store, grab a pic, and you’ll go in to win a $50 voucher next Friday!
Say hello to Chris. He spoke to our interviewer and got his hands on a $50 TANK gift card!

How do you stay healthy?

I try to run and go to the gym, and more importantly I try not to eat too much junk food.

What’s the best way to keep NZ healthy?

I think we should remove GST from non-processed food so people have an incentive to eat healthy.

What’s your favorite TANK salad?

I like them...
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The avocado - so good that it has been on the scene since its cultivation in 8000 BC. Now there’s a food with a long shelf-life! Not only does it taste great - it’s loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fats, and contains 60% more potassium than a banana.

You’ll find avocado in the Guacamole Greens, the TANK Mega Greens, and the Paleo Active Greens!
Selfie stations! If one isn't in your local TANK already, it soon will be! Head in, grab a selfie, and you’ll go in to win a $50 TANK voucher!
The Bachelor's Naz and Claudia enjoying their TANK. A whole heap better than a rose in our opinion...
We let you drink your strawberries through an actual straw. How’s that for going the extra mile?
Meet Kei. We interviewed him in store and he scored a $50 gift card!

How do you stay healthy?
Kei keeps himself in shape by taking walks around the neighbourhood.

What’s your favorite TANK smoothie?
Kei’s a traditionalist and only drinks the Mango smoothie (but if you’re only going to drink one we think it’s a pretty good choice!)

If Donald Trump were a smoothie what would he be?
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Stan Walker repping his #raw #plantbased smoothie. These beauties have hit the trifecta - they're vegetarian, dairy free, and paleo friendly!
We are open at the Glenfield mall! Perfect for when you need that energy boost after your latest shopping spree!
We believe in crafting our products with care each and every step of the way; from planting, to harvesting, to finally putting it together in store. And most of all we believe that this care makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to tasting it.
We want you!

Ready to take your superb management, customer service and sales skills to the next level? We have an Area Manager position available, looking after a group of our Auckland TANK stores. The ideal candidate will have strong retail experience, together with common sense and an eye for business. You'll manage your teams with ease, drawing on your fantastic people management skills,...
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TANK is proud to be 100% kiwi owned.

That’s why we like to source every single piece of produce we can from New Zealand, and buy from local suppliers who we know and love.

Our apples come from the Hawke’s Bay, our oranges come from Gisborne, and our grass-fed beef comes from the Waikato.
We believe in fresh food made honestly. It’s why we don’t add any nasties to our food. It’s why we source everything we can get our hands on from the best local farmers. And it’s why we make everything right in front of you as soon as you order it.

It’s this philosophy that we bring to bear on every single salad, wrap, smoothie, and juice we put together. So you can be sure that no matter...
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Each and every one of our eggs is 100% free range!