#Tanqueray test - do you make the cut?
Use your #InGINuity to be the guest of honour, not the gate crasher.
Gin O’ Clock is Tanqueray time. #InGINuity #Tanqueray
#InGINuity musings: The only thing better than a G&T is a T&T.
The perfect serve of your imagination. #InGINuity #Tanqueray
Sometimes you need a bit of #InGINuity to flip the script. #Tanqueray
Set out to achieve your #NewYearsResolutions with Tanqueray, it's full of #InGINuity
*Please #Tanqueray Responsibly
Those with #InGINuity don’t sweat the small stuff.
Gift like a pro, even when you don't know the person. That's #InGINuity, if we may say so ourselves.
Show your bartending #InGINuity with the common denominator: #Tanqueray
Use it in a sentence. You know you want to. #InGINuity
Use it in a sentence. You know you want to. #InGINuity
Winner of the Tanqueray Makro SA competition, wife, mom and blogger @OlaStory got to model her wardrobe, designed by the mercurial Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape.

The collection is a culmination of great personalities, style, creativity and exceptionally well made #TanquerayTEN
Winner of the Tanqueray Makro SA promo, blogger Ola Story got to meet the debonair Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape To begin the journey of creating her custom made wodrobe worth R100 000. #TanquerayTEN
My first meeting with @naked_ape_fashion thanks to @tanquerayza Watch this space
Oh, and the best part about these cars made just for females? It was a man who drove the car when it debuted at London’s FashFest this week.

*rolls eyes*