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You won't believe what the Liberals have said on housing affordability this time.
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The Liberals are cutting the Clean Energy Supplement, they’re making education more expensive – it’s a whole set of choices that this government is making to pay for a $50 billion tax cut to the biggest businesses in Australia.

It's about choices and they’re choosing that as their priority, not you.
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More renewables will push down the cost of energy over time. New coal will push up the price of electricity over time.

The only costly solution is the crazy proposal from Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals to spend $60 billion building more coal-fired power stations.
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Party’s federal and state leaders, Indigenous MPs and Indigenous affairs ministers and shadow ministers meet in Brisbane

Labor sets up Indigenous caucus in push to improve representation across all parties

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All love is equal. It's time for marriage equality.

Planting my message in the Sea of Hearts at Mardi Gras Fair Day with Linda Burney Councillor Linda Scott NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
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Well said, Anne.

Already, 2800 women are turned away from refuges each year. Many refuges are already over-full, and in critical need of more funding, not less.

For too long people have asked ‘why doesn’t she just leave?’, when they should have been asking ‘where will she go?’

The Liberals can’t keep saying they're serious about ending domestic violence at the same time as they cut funding...
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The government's attacks on the vulnerable and needy are cruel

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Liberal cuts mean Bendigo schools will lose more than $26 million.

Does Malcolm Turnbull think parents can hold enough sausage sizzles or cake stalls to make up for a cut that big?

Lisa Chesters MP
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Please share this video to help Ben get an answer from Malcolm Turnbull.
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Malcolm Turnbull has to come clean about just how much more tax ordinary Australians will have to pay in order for him to give $50 billion to big business and the banks.
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In Australia:
- 1 in 3 women experience physical violence in their lifetime
- The gender pay gap has sat at around 17% for almost two decades
- At the current rate, we won’t achieve gender parity in our parliament until 2046

We know a lot of the barriers to equality women face, but we want the opportunity to talk to Australians about the solutions.

That’s why today Labor launched Setting...
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It's very attractive when someone comes onto the political scene. They can be all things to all people, they can make all sorts of promises and they are never held to account. They never have to deliver any change or anything complex.

But then you watch Pauline Hanson for a while and you see what she really believes.
We can be proud of a lot of our history as a country, but we must take responsibility for what we've done wrong too #closethegap
The Liberals claim that Pauline Hanson has changed.

What do they have to say about these comments?

Pauline Hanson claims women make frivolous DV complaints

This is a government that has presided over unaffordable housing to buy, unaffordable housing to rent, and fewer homes for homeless Australians.
Australia is below the international average for schools’ funding. Fact.

Expert analysis:

FactCheck: is Australia below the international average when it comes to school funding?

The Liberals: "Our job is to treat them [One Nation] as any other party."

No, no it's not.


I spoke about this last week: [ Tanyaplibersek.com Link ]

Liberals to direct preferences to One Nation above Nationals in WA

Big thanks to our volunteers who braved the heat today to talk to locals about the Liberals' $30 billion cut to schools.

Sign the petition: