Tanya Plibersek
01/24/2017 at 06:09. Facebook
This is a very troubling development, and Australia must stand up against it.

When Labor was in government, we abolished John Howard’s prohibition, which stopped Australian aid money going to organisations that delivered family planning services. We also doubled aid funding for family planning services.

I will fight any effort by the Liberals to strip aid from family planning services in...
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Trump's War on Women

Tanya Plibersek
yesterday at 22:32. Facebook
Today, universities have told Malcolm Turnbull to fix his mess.

The Liberals have had more than 25 reviews, inquiries, and talkfests on higher education, and all they've come up with is a plan to Americanise our unis, and make Australians pay $100,000 for a degree.

[ Universitiesaustralia.edu.au Link ]
Tanya Plibersek
yesterday at 01:54. Facebook
Getting a good education at school is the ticket to a good life. But the Liberals…

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Tanya Plibersek
01/22/2017 at 01:43. Facebook
"The relief some voters felt when Abbott was removed is now replaced by a profound, enduring disappointment."

Do-nothing Turnbull loses votes

Tanya Plibersek
01/18/2017 at 05:51. Facebook
While the Liberals may have changed their Health Minister, they haven't changed their health policies.

Labor is giving the new Health Minister a to-do list on behalf of the millions of Australians who rejected this Liberal Government's unfair health policies.
Tanya Plibersek
01/17/2017 at 06:27. Facebook
Because poverty is sexist, 130 million girls across the world are denied an education.

If you care, ACT!

Conservationists are urging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make a last ditch appeal to Japan's Shinzo Abe to halt the slaughter of whales underway in waters near Antarctica.

Malcolm Turnbull accused of turning a blind eye to Japan's whale hunt

A legacy to be proud of.

Thanks President Obama.
What a disgrace.

This is what the Liberals really think about our hardworking teachers.

Mr Laming should apologise immediately.


It’s no wonder Australians are outraged at this out-of-touch Liberal government. This conduct stinks, especially when the Liberals are gutting Medicare. But Malcolm Turnbull can’t see the problem.

Sussan Ley used taxpayer money for Gold Coast events with multi-millionaire

Former Labor Leader, Bill Hayden, first raised gay rights in the federal Parliament 50 years ago - in 1967.

He's been fighting for equality for LGBTI Australians ever since.

Thank you Bill.

Bill Hayden has kept flame alive

Labor has called for an investigation into the Liberals' Centrelink debt collection debacle.

Our welfare system should be supporting those who need it, not punishing them.

Labor's Linda Burney requests Auditor-General investigate Centrelink debt clawback

Malcolm Turnbull is failing to lead on climate change.

"Doing nothing to develop a cost-effective national plan to reduce emissions is a recipe for high prices and insecurity."

Turnbull’s power claims are full of hot wind

In addition to cutting pensions from today, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are also cutting dental care for kids from low income families.

All while they're trying to give the biggest corporations a $50b tax cut with your money. It's about priorities. And they've got their priorities wrong.
Wishing you and your loved ones a happy 2017!
A New Years resolution for the PM? Build a better broadband network, the sooner the better.

[ Smh.com.au Link ]

Turnbull's New Year resolution should be a fibre-based NBN for everyone

Malcolm Turnbull "has embarked on the first effort of any government in our recent history to systematically reduce the living standards of many elderly Australians."

The Liberals did a deal with the Greens 18 months ago to change the pension assets test – this change will leave around 330,000 pensioners worse off from 1 January

Labor stood up for pensioners and opposed these damaging cuts.

The move to swap Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull has been close to a disaster

On behalf of my family and my staff, I wish you and your loved ones a terrific holiday season and a very happy New Year. I hope you will get a chance to relax, take a break, read a book, see a movie, have a swim, watch the cricket - or whatever it is that makes you happy at this special time of year.
It was great to get to speak at such an extraordinary event with so many inspiring women.