Tanya Plibersek
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Tanya Plibersek
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“The young people of Australia are always very much at the forefront of our minds” – Malcolm Turnbull

Oh really?

$100k degrees, cuts to schools, cuts to apprenticeships, falling home ownership, cuts to Newstart, cuts to penalty rates….
Tanya Plibersek
03/22/2017 at 04:48. Facebook
These are the rights that this Parliament should be focused on this week.
When a journalist asks whether you think the Government’s plan to make racist hate speech easier is a fair compromise…
Prime Minister, Kerry is still waiting for your answer...
Labor is taking action to protect penalty rates.

Your move Malcolm.
Everything the Liberals are doing will make schools in this country go backwards.

Bad kids? Maybe send the PM to naughty corner

Liberal logic...
Results of two recent international tests show disadvantage is the biggest thing holding Australian schoolkids back.

Experts warn the fall in the results of disadvantaged students is particularly worrying, and that the time to act is now.

Disadvantaged schoolkids in Australia are around three school years behind advantaged kids.

Which is why it’s impossible to understand why the Liberals...
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Full TIMSS and PISA results: Time to address disadvantage is now

Congratulations WA Labor! A terrific win for Mark McGowan MP and his team. A terrific win for jobs, health, and education.

Mark McGowan's Labor Party sweeps to power in WA

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made towards gender equality, and to recommit to tackling the challenges still before us.

Whether it’s women winning the vote, sex discrimination laws, or our first female Prime Minister, there have been significant successes.

But women haven’t benefitted from Australia’s prosperity in the same way as men.

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As a member of the Labor party, I’m proud of our legacy advancing women’s rights.

But there’s still more to do.

That’s why Labor has launched a national conversation on gender equality: Setting the Agenda, to talk about what needs to change to achieve gender equality.

To be part of the conversation, you can share your views at

#IWD2017 #SettingTheAgenda
Higher education policy is a complete mess under the Liberals.

They have spent a fortune reviewing everything, but have achieved nothing, except chaos, cuts, and plans for $100,000 uni degrees.

For students, for universities, for our economy, it’s well past time the Liberals put an end to this shambles and got their act together.

Results replaced by costly reviews

Happy International Women's Day!

Proud to have so many smart, passionate, hardworking women in the Labor caucus.
There are so many women across our community doing outstanding work. They should be recognised.

Nominate them for an Order of Australia today.
It doesn't matter where sexual assault happens, it is always a crime.
Proud to fight for equality with Rainbow Labor NSW at Mardi Gras last night