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"Did someone say dinner?"
Keeper Courtney received a warm welcome from Amala and Pabu on arrival at our Red Panda exhibit.
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Today is #WorldPangolinDay and these remarkable scaly mammals need our help more than ever! Pangolins are sadly being poached and traded towards extinction due to demand for their scales and flesh for food and traditional medicines. We’re committed to protecting pangolins in the wild by working in partnership with TRAFFIC to combat illegal wildlife trade. You can help pangolins and other...
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Afternoon feels. We're with Mjukuu, the little guy today. #TBT
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This fierce little guy needs a name! Help us choose a name for one of our four male lion cubs at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Keepers are looking a name that reflects the cub’s African heritage. Head to our website to make a suggestion: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo by Rick Stevens
These two have tortoise a lesson in love today. Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Taronga!
Is there room for one more under that hose? Our Emus, Ned and Kelly, love a cool shower on steamy Sydney day.
Who needs air conditioning when you have a mud wallow! Keeper Johny spotted Pak Boon and Tukta beating the heat with a splash in their wallow. Mud not only helps elephants to keep cool, it also acts as a natural sunscreen. Find out more in our latest keeper blog: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our cheeky Squirrel Monkey group has four tiny new additions! Visitors may spot the babies clinging to their mothers’ backs like little backpacks as they leap through the trees of our Squirrel Monkey Jungle Walk: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Baby on board! Koalas like Sydney and her little joey are most at home in the trees, but it's not uncommon for them to also come to the ground to change trees and search for breeding partners. Remember to watch out for Koalas on the road, particularly when driving at dawn and dusk.
"Stop calling us fluffy, it's hurting our street cred!"

Born last week, you can visit these tough guy Guinea Piglets at Pat a Pet at 10.30am or 2.30pm
Until you get the chance to visit Taronga Western Plains Zoo's newest lion cubs, tune in to National Geographic Channel from 7:30pm tonight for a week of documentaries uncovering what it takes for cubs to learn the skills and abilities to become an apex predator. #bigcatweek
The trees of our Blue Mountains Bushwalk exhibit have come alive with the arrival nearly 80 brightly coloured Regent Honeyeaters. These zoo-bred birds will be on display until April before being released into the wild to boost numbers for their critically endangered species: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Say hello to the newest addition to our Fennec Fox family - she's all ears! The curious kit was born on 3 December, but has just started to venture outside to play and forage for food under the watchful eyes of parents Kebili and Zinder: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We just can't get enough of these little guys playing around on Mum. Born in November at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, they all have personalities of their own already.
This White-bellied Sea-Eagle has just taken a big step towards returning to the wild after surviving a shotgun pellet wound. The young eagle was transferred to a raptor rehabilitation centre yesterday after receiving treatment for a fractured wing at Taronga Wildlife Hospital. He’ll continue his recovery at the centre, building up the strength and confidence to fly again in the wild.
Look who popped out to say hello! At five months of age, our echidna puggles are starting to venture outside their nursery burrows to forage for ants. This spiny little guy has just been named "Finn".
We are very excited to share the news that we are in love, due to Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s breeding success with four male African Lion cubs born late November last year. The yet to be named cubs are currently behind-the-scenes and will make their debut on exhibit in February 2017, they are doing very well under the watchful eye of Mum Maya
Happy New Year Of The Rooster!

Celebrate Year of the Rooster with a visit to Backyard to Bush and see our daily QBE Bird Show.
庆贺丁酉鸡年,参观“从后院到丛林”(Backyard to Bush)游览区(见地图4E),并观赏每天上演的QBE自由飞鸟表演(QBE Bird Show,见地图16G)。
Recovery day from a fun and festive Australia Day - to eat or to sleep? Mum Camira and her joey Willow both have the right idea
Happy Australia Day from Camira, Willow and everyone at Taronga Zoo