Please join my friend and writer/producer of the movie I directed Hit A Lick for TV One, that will air sometimes later this year for this amazing opportunity to get the knowledge that will empower you as a writer/producer
And artist. Go to for more information. #alwaysintyeart #empoweryourself
Good morning from Dubai
I am thanking God for my amazing vacation in the Middle East, 1st Doha, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and now Dubai. Thank you Lord for expanding my vision in life and helping me to dream bigger.
"This week’s guests include actress Tasha Smith, who will be making her directorial debut for TV One’s original movie, β€œHit A Lick.” It’s the first movie inspired by the network’s popular crime series β€œFor My Man” and stars Lil Mama and Lance Gross. "UPFRONT" talked to Smith as well as her stars during a recent set visit."

'UPFRONT' to feature Tasha Smith, Carlton Hargo, Morris Baxter and more!
TSAW is such a blessing, I get inspired every time I get the opportunity to teach. If you are an actor looking for a safe place to be creative in please visit and please check out our TSAW workshops in other cities
Thank you Fally Ipupa for visiting TSAW. #congo #africa
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More of my trip in Italy. #Taormina, #Napoli, #Capri, #Florence, and #Rome ❀❀❀❀
Photos of Italy