Tasmania's North West
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Monday-itis? Here, have a dose of cute from Tassie's North West locals!

Image: @welcometotasmania (instagram)
Tasmania's North West
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Looking for some great surfing spots for 2017? (or the long weekend?).

The Great Southern Ocean is a popular spot for surfing and adventurers with Green Point Beach being one of the beaches that are used for the O'Neill Cold Water Classic competition (which takes place around the end of March each year).

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Tasmania's North West
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Now this is no ordinary "big tree" ... we're sure you've seen big trees before. BUT ... this giant of the forest is an estimated 400 years old, standing proudly at 62 meters and around the tree is a platform so that you can walk around it and appreciate the 17 meter girth.

(This tree probably used to be 90 meters tall but is slowly shrinking due to the natural process of aging, and much of...
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Tasmania's North West
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Congratulations King Island! Although we're not surprised, 2 of the 4 top 2017 100 Australian Public Access Golf Courses in the country are on King Island. Congratulations Cape Wickham for taking out the top spot and to Ocean Dunes, King Island for snagging the 4th coveted spot!

Australia’s Top-100 Public Access Courses for 2017

Tasmania's North West
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"What do you mean it's only Wednesday?!"

We felt you needed a dose of cuteness to get you through to the weekend ...

: @annesweeney9566
It's hard to believe this isn't a painting. A lantern lights the Dove Lake boatshed as dusk turns to night in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

This World Heritage-listed wilderness areas is just one of the reasons why this location is one of this island's most revered and cherished locations.

: @isaak.cole (Instagram)
Photobomb! This plush little kookaburra is eating his way around Discover Tasmania and was recently caught eyeing off some local oysters from Hursey Seafoods in Stanley! I hope he shared, but I heard on good authority they were incredibly delicious!

Image: @king.of.penguins (Instagram)
Is it 5pm yet?! Almost time to kick back and bring on the weekend!

Image: @vdlstanley (Instagram)
Just soak up that view. This is the incredibly enticing blue waters of the Western Inlet, just to the south of Stanley.

You can often get prime views of this scene from the top of the Nut (In saying that, this is definitely one of the best "front row seats" we've ever seen!)

Thanks Osborne Heli Tours for sharing your adventures with us!
Such a nice evening to go out for a lap on the river and cool down!

: Heath Holden Photography
Hands up if you'd like to be enjoying summer days drifting away into summer nights here?!

: @sarah_cowgill (via IG)
Picture yourself here ... below you, fog dances along the surface of the Pieman River in Corinna, West Coast and you're surrounded by nothing but ancient forests and the sounds of nature. Is this perfection?

Image: Tasmanian Safaris
What better way to spend a weekend than walking among beautiful flowers in the most beautiful part of the world?! The Wisteria are in full bloom at the Kaydale Lodge Gardens so be sure to check them out when you're in the neighbourhood!

: @kaydalegardens
Looking for a new cycling experience? "It is no wonder cyclists chose to ride this route, leaving the highways to explore - pop the coastal road from Penguin to Ulverstone on the map as a place to experience!"

: @jacinda.dales
Happy New Year!
May 2017 bring you many adventures, new experiences and opportunities to see the world through fresh eyes.

Image: Tourism Tasmania & Michael Walters Photography
Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad!

Sending you, your family and all travellers across the world all our best and merriest Christmas wishes!

Image: Discover Tasmania & Jason Charles Hill
What an incredible panorama of Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. "Some pre-game: taking-in the views before taking-on the summit ⛰"

: Karina Fretwell
Great time to be travelling in the North West as it's Poppy time in Tassie and our fields are bursting with pastel hues!
Fun Fact, Tasmania's opium poppy industry supplies around half of the worlds supply of opiate straw, that is refined to produce medicines.

: @_jacquibevenphotography_
Our beautiful cover photo for December features the incredible capture of Cradle Mountain with a dusting of snow and a twinkling starry night!
We're dreaming of a white Christmas ... with 6 days to go, we're waking up to a little snow on the peaks of Mount Roland!

: Mount Roland Country Lodge