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Some of South Africa’s roads can be dangerous. IOL has shared some of SA’s most prevalent hijacking hotspots, so that you can take care:

These are SA's hijacking hotspots | IOL

If you plan on travelling to Durban this holiday season, then you’ve GOT to visit these scenic stops along the way:

Gateway to Durban: The ultimate road trip planner

With these five simple but effective tips, you can lengthen the life of your car. How many of these tips are you guilty of not following regularly?

Take Your Car Further with These 5 Handy Tips

Creating a vehicle that balances business with leisure wasn’t easy, but we think we pulled it off. Test drive the TATA Xenon Fleetline today and find out why:

Xenon 3.0L Fleetline - Tata SA

Start your holiday on a high note , treat yourself with the incredible TATA Bolt from Tempest Car Hire:


Don’t sour your holiday with a lifeless rental car you can’t stand. Treat yourself with the incredible TATA Bolt from Tempest Car Hire:


TATA is about more than the cars we build, it’s about the level of service we provide at all stages of your car’s life. That’s why we stand behind TATA Touch roadside assistance.

TATA Touch - Tata SA

The Garden Route is only a trip once you’ve visited these five incredible markets, says Traveller 24. We’ll see you there! Mind you, we’ll be stuffing our faces.

Top five markets along the Garden Route

Zip around with #swag in one of these stylish Tata Bolts this summer! 1.2 Turbo, multi-drive mode and an infotainment system built to impress!
Book now - time is running out!
Tata Motors South Africa
Choosing the right vehicle for your business can make the difference between making a profit and a loss. Here’s how to get it right the first time:

Choosing the right vehicle for your business

We all like to enjoy the festive season, and why not? But crime does increase during this time, and we’d prefer you play it safe. Keep these SAPS vehicle safety tips in mind:

MUST READ: Vehicle safety this festive season

Ready to take a road trip this festive season? We bet you are; you’re probably even counting down the days. But is your car ready for the trip? Keep this in mind before setting off:

Get your car road trip ready!

How many other cars can you get for a grand, and how many of them are this well-equipped? The #TATAIndica

Tata Indica - Tata SA

Have you recently locked your keys in your car, found your battery is flat or that your tank is empty? We’ve all been there. TATA Touch roadside assistance will help you out when you’re in a pinch:

TATA Touch - Tata SA

If you have to ask how much is too much, you’re probably already past the legal limit. Arrive Alive will explain everything you need to know about drinking and driving:

How Much Is Too Much To Drink Before I Drive?

Fill up your old car for a grand… or fill your new TATA with friends and hit the road for the first of many adventures to come. [ Tatasa.co.za Link ]
As of the 1st of November, the process for renewing a driver's license in South Africa underwent some changes. The new law requires that drivers have to provide a proof of residence when renewing their driver's license disk.

Top 5 Asked Questions About The New Car Licence Renewal Laws

100 things to pack into your car before you head off on a camping holiday, plus 10 more things if you've still got room (which you probably do if you own a TATA):

100 things that you should pack for a summer roadtrip

Find the perfect gift for your car-loving friends and family right here:

Gifts for the car lover in your life | TATA MOTORS