The winners from Season 3 are back for more T1 glory! TRP 2.0 will take racing skills up a notch as they look to compete in the Champion Class! #T1PrimaRacing
Driving on the toughest roads to ensure there are no shortages anywhere in the country, truckers are the real heroes of the highway! #ThankYouTruckers for the continuous hard work put in throughout the year!
The Champion Class contestants are here to enhance their skills! The battle will be intense at the MMRT for a spot in the Season 4 final! #T1PrimaRacing
Malkeet Singh, Season 3 runner-up, locks in his safety harness before taking to the track at TRP 2.0! #T1PrimaRacing
Gearing up for the battle ahead! The heroes of the highway are set to enhance their racing skills in the Champion Class at TRP 2.0 #T1PrimaRacing
Focused and determined to give his best again on track! Can Season 3 winner Nagarjuna claim the title of the Champion Class this time? #T1PrimaRacing
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The look of determination. The returning heroes have another opportunity to showcase their skills in the Champion Class! #T1PrimaRacing
Head of Operations, Prabha Shankar highlights the process of transforming a regular driver into a formidable truck racer. #T1PrimaRacing
The Season 3 heroes are back! They are honing their skills at TRP 2.0 to perform as the Champion class! #T1PrimaRacing
Jinke junoon aur hausle mazboot hai, unhe koi nahin rok sakta kamyaabi se! #T1PrimaRacing
Aaye hain desh ke alag alag kone se, par inke dil ko jodhta hai toh sirf Junoon-e-trucking! #T1PrimaRacing
Shankar Lal Ajmer se aayein hai TRP 2.0 mein apna rang jamane! Par woh apne pyaar ko ek special sandesh dena chahte hai! Dekhiye inka #ValentinesDay message! #T1PrimaRacing
Ye abhaari hain Tata Motors ke, jinhone inka racer banne ka khwaab poora kiya! #T1PrimaRacing
โ€œHausle agar buland ho toh har mushkil hoti hai asaan!โ€ Dekhiye kis tarah chhaya hai inpe jeetne ka junoon! #T1PrimaRacing
Aaye hain desh ke alag alag kone se, par inke dil ko jodhta hai toh sirf Junoon-e-trucking! #T1PrimaRacing
We wanted to know what drives the TRP 2.0 contestants through a fun word association game! Here is what our trucks had to say! #T1PrimaRacing
Tata Motors ka salaam hai har uss joshile trucker ko, jisne desh ke prati apne kartavye ko poora karne me koi kasar nahi chora hai! #ThankYouTruckers #T1PrimaRacing
Providing the best solutions to the hard working truck drivers that run the nation! Tata Motors keeps your business moving non-stop! Watch what the TRP 2.0 drivers have to say about their Har Kadam ka saathi! #T1PrimaRacing
Safety first! The TRP 2.0 contestants learn the aspects of race safety from safety and pit-lane coordinator Fritto John! #T1PrimaRacing