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The importance of helmets in a race cannot be marginalized, Indian racers get used to the race helmet! #T1PrimaRacing
They don’t see their families for weeks, drive in the toughest terrain but never complain and always follow their delivery schedule. Even during this testing time of #demonetisation, our truckers continue to do their bit! #ThankYouTruckers
Taking India to the world! Check out a behind the scenes look at how the racers were trained by the hard working crew and instructors!
[ Youtube.com Link ] #T1PrimaRacing

The TRP Journey - India to the World

Get an overview of the the T1 Racing Championship in its 3rd Season, including the T1 Racer Program. #T1RacerProgram

The country is in the grip of #demonetisation but there have been countless stories of people serving the nation relentlessly. A big thank you goes out to the millions of truckers ferrying goods all across the land and ensuring there are no shortages! #ThankYouTruckers
To ensure greater safety for all the racers, each T1 Prima race truck featured a C-SL cab with a protective roll cage and racing seats! Know more about the race trucks by clicking on the following link!
[ T1primatruckracing.com Link ] #T1PrimaRacing
Can you line up the T1 racers? Test your reflexes by tapping at the right moment and share your results! #T1PrimaRacing
Careful planning before hitting the track at MMSC! Here are the racers taking up valuable tips before gearing up! #T1PrimaRacing
Your day often starts with a cup of tea but did you know Munnar is home to numerous tea estates? This Munnar highway features plush greenery all around and is a supply route for the rest of the country! If you have an interesting selfie on a highway, share it in the comments and you will be featured on the page! [ T1primatruckracing.com Link ] #T1PrimaRacing
IMMC - Indian Motorsports Marshals Club is hiring new marshals for Season 4 of #T1PrimaRacing. Register here:
[ Immc.in Link ]

Indian Motorsport Marshals Club (IMMC) opens registrations!

This is the chance to prove your T1 driving skills! Guide a T1 Prima through a tough obstacle course in the fastest time! #T1PrimaRacing [ T1primatruckracing.com Link ]

Online Games Play Zone - T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship in India

Speedster Aditya Patel providing some key insights about handling the T1 Prima race trucks #FlashbackFriday
Do you have the reflexes of a T1 racer? Stop the T1 Prima and share your results in the comments! #T1PrimaRacing
The T1 Prima racers have to be in the best shape! Here are the Indian racers stretching before they get into the hot seat!
The magnificent Jammu Srinagar highway is known for the heavy snowfall it receives. If you have any picturesque highway selfies, post them in the comments section.
[ T1primatruckracing.com Link ] #T1PrimaRacing
The T1 Prima race trucks for Season 3 featured 315/70R – 22.5 wheels which helped to lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle and improve handling at high speeds! Learn more facts about the T1 Prima race trucks by clicking on the link!
[ T1primatruckracing.com Link ] #T1PrimaRacing
Gobind Singh, one of the Indian racers at the T1 Racer Programme, looks more than ready to burn some rubber at the MMSC! #T1PrimaRacing
Every hero has his own story! Relive the incredible story of the Indians that raced in the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship!

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TRP - Indian Drivers Back Story

Can you help T1 season 3 runner up Malkeet Singh hang on to his trophy? Tap the image at the right moment. #T1PrimaRacing
The Indian racers all lined-up picking up important tips before they head onto the track in their T1 Prima race trucks! #T1PrimaRacing