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Tata Safari
12/01/2016 at 09:19. Facebook
Here's your chance to be a part of incredible journey with Evo India Magazine editorial team and Sirish Chandran
Narendran loves driving around in his Safari Storme and says he drove from Trivandrum all the way up North to the Himalayas; and back! #LoveStorme
The #WordofTheWeek is ‘Performance’. If you’ve got an image of your Safari Storme that brings meaning to the word, send it to us!
The Safari took us to the land of Jungle Book, past misty lakes and low hanging branches- to #Logout at a disconnected place where you can #ReclainYourLife.
Because you know you can’t always stay on the road, sometimes you build a path for yourself.
We’ve gone #StormingAcrossIndia, from the South to the Western plains. A relaxing afternoon with Grey Langurs in the midst of 750 sq kms of uninhibited wildlife at the Pench National Park.
#Logout #ReclaimYourLife
Our second drive takes us to ’The Land of Jungle Book’. A place that spins tales of the raw energy of Nature. We #Logout in an #UndiscoveredLand, with the Safari Storme.
This Diwali, light up your life with crazy adventure-soaked stories! #LogOut & reclaim your life!
This Diwali, illuminate the roads less taken with your wanderlust! #LogOut
This Diwali, celebrate fireworks from Nature! #LogOut
This Diwali, #LogOut of your routine. Log in to your SOUL. Reclaim your life and treasure the celebrations!
Another great week, another lucky winner!
Congratulations Subash Chandra on winning Rs. 10 lakh in our Har Week Diwali offer!
Because it’s in your blood to hit the pedal and take-off to the unknown, but know you’ll be prepared. #WhySafari
Together with Pamela on the Safari we go around 300 acres of the SAI sanctuary crossing rivulets, spotting deer and adoring majestic elephants cooling off with a dip. #Logout #ReclaimYourLife

Tata Safari - SAI Sanctuary

Getting out there, living life, taking the road less traveled, accepting a tough week at the office because the weekend offers enough adventures, that’s what...

Congratulations to the three lucky winners of our Har Week Diwali offer.You can also win big, this festive season!
While we’re Storming Across India, our first journey begins in the Western Ghats of Karnataka - at SAI Sanctuary run by Pamela and Dr. A. K. Malhotra
#LogOut #ReclaimYourLife
Our first undiscovered land lies among the untamed wilderness, with freedom only the wild can offer. #LogOut in an #UndiscoveredLand
Hello old friend!
#WeekendWheels #ReclaimYourLife
Tata Safari