Tata Safari
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Evo India Magazine summarizes another, but final drive with Tata Safari, this time to Coorg. Read on to know the story as the adventure goes on.
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Tata Safari Storme to Coorg: Adventures of a lifetime

Tata Safari
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The #WordofTheWeek is ‘Triumph’
Send us pictures of your TATA Safari on the challenging terrains it has won over. #WordOfTheWeek.
For the final drive of the series, Evo India team took the Tata Safari to Coorg! From spotting wildlife right in its trail, to taking in the lush green coffee plantations, here’s how adventure greeted them at every turn!
Evo India Magazine Sirish Chandran
#LogOut #ReclaimYourLife
An off-roading drive with a difference.
#StormingAcross empty beaches is an adventure to indulge in! When are you trying it?
No matter where you find them, colours bring happiness. This Holi, step out and notice all the colours around you. #HappyHoli
The NASA Spaceward Bound India Programme along with the TATA Safari is aimed at helping scientists fine-tune and test technology that will help make discoveries in space in the year 2020.
Because it usually doesn’t matter where you want to go, all you need is the will to drive there. #WhySafari
MotorBeam reviewed TATA Safari Storme. Their conclusion- ‘the Safari is not a regular SUV with gimmicks’. Read the full review here- [ Bit.ly Link ]
The #WordOfTheWeek is “Sturdy”. Send us images of when your TATA Safari has helped you by being sturdy.
Join along on an adventurous drive to the hills of Coorg. Accompany the evo India Editorial team for 4 days of thrills and outdoor activities.
Evo India Magazine Sirish Chandran
We’re headed to the leisurely and serene hills of Coorg from the 17th to the 20th of February for a mix of relaxation as well as thrilling off-road drives. Join the action & drive alongside the Evo India Magazine team.
Sirish Chandran
Ashik Pandya tells us the TATA Safari will remain his dream car forever. He’s driven it since 2010 and is most pleased.
Yet another feather in her cap – here’s congratulating Deepa Malik on being awarded the Padma Shri for her countless achievements!
Re-visit our laughs, awe and pleasure with photographs from our #Logout drive to Rajasthan on the TATA Safari along with members from the EVO India editorial team.
Evo India Magazine Sirish Chandran
A four-day drive, all the way to Rajasthan to explore its endless deserts with the TATA Safari while we took time out to camp among the wild, crossed rivers to explore less-traveled paths as well as mingled with the local folk to take in cultural pegs and indulge in gastronomical bliss. Read about our travels here : [ Evoindia.com Link ]

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The Republic Day charter includes the right to travel throughout India. Celebrate your freedom with a trip to a place you’ve never visited before.
#LogOut #ReclaimYourLife